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'Telehealth is patient empowerment in action'

Cathy Gillespie leads a telehealth service that has helped thousands of patients manage heart failure, diabetes and COPD in their own homes.

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Online bereavement support around the clock

An online community is tackling the social isolation that can extend the grieving process.

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What the student saw: placement experiences to improve everyone's practice

An ambitious international project is aiming to capture nursing students' placement experiences and use them to improve patient safety practice across the board.

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Morecambe Bay: From special measures to outstanding care

How does an NHS trust rocked by a scandal in which patients died turn itself around and earn an outstanding care rating from the Care Quality Commission? By trusting patients and staff to deliver change.

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Cancer drug decision: ‘NICE should take more account of quality of life’

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence's reluctance to recommend Kadcyla for routine NHS funding, has sparked calls for a new approach to the funding of expensive drugs.

Blood sugar test
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Digital tool helps practice nurses improve diabetes care

The ‘information prescription’ tool, developed by Diabetes UK, alerts clinicians to key patient details during consultations, making it easier to provide tailor-made care.

child cancer
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Child cancer: ‘The transition to palliative care is profoundly emotional’

Nurse researchers examined how parents and staff experience the period when a child moves from active to palliative care. Their findings should help all nurses supporting families through devastating loss.

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I worried my stammer would be a barrier to a career in nursing

Bethany Watson is loving her first job as nurse, and thanks to support from her trust’s...

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Diabetes-related foot amputations: a preventable disaster

Better training of non-specialists and improved foot care in all settings could turn back...

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The unvarnished truth about race discrimination in the NHS

The first report of the Workforce Race Equality Standard has set a baseline for all NHS...

2nd degree group with Lis Nicolson
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Celebrating the pioneers of nursing degrees

On the 60th anniversary of the nursing department at the University of Edinburgh, Jennifer...

Cancer patient
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Push to promote profile of cancer nurses in Europe

Cancer nursing is well-developed in the UK but in some European countries there is little recognition of its value. An ambitious new initiative is attemptign to raise the status of the specialty across Europe.

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After Brexit: nursing a divided UK

The EU referendum results revealed deep divisions between the four UK countries and sparked renewed calls for Scotland’s independence. So could the UK break up? Whatever upheaval lies ahead, the nursing family can be a healing influence and continue to work together across country lines.

Domestic abuse
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College backs domestic abuse awareness training

RCN will lobby for mandatory domestic abuse awareness training for healthcare staff

Children CPR
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RCN calls for children to receive CPR training

Children across the UK should learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to equip them to save lives, politicians have been told.

Hair care elderly salon
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'You're looking well!'

Hairdressing is transforming the care of people with dementia, not just as a sensory and...

Sickle cell disease
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Raise awareness of sickle cell disease, nurses told

All nurses need to be aware of the issues around sickle cell disease so that they can ensure...

Theresa Fyffe
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Cautious welcome for Sturgeon staffing and bursary pledge

Resources needed to make safe staffing a reality says RCN's Fyffe