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Switch to presumed consent changing the landscape in organ donation

Growing support for a soft opt-out from organ donation, which aims to increase the supply of organs while still giving families the final say, is helping nurses who are at the sharp end when decisions are made.

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The drinking generations: alcohol and the over-fifties

Risky drinking – in decline among young people – is a growing problem among those in their fifties, sixties and seventies. The good news is that older people respond well to intervention.

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Dying with dementia at home – but relying on emergency care

The number of people with dementia who visit the emergency department in their last year of life is rising, prompting calls for better care planning and more support for families.

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Early warning: the dashboard that shows nursing teams how well they are performing

The world’s first national care assurance system is being introduced in Scotland to give nurse leaders on acute wards and in the community the information they need to keep patients safe.

Growning workforce
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The benefits of growing your own nursing workforce

Trusts are increasingly looking at new ways of building their staff numbers, Jennifer Trueland found out how Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust is widening access to the nursing profession.

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Outdoor spaces improve dementia care

Spending time outdoors can reduce symptoms of depression in care home residents with dementia. But easy access and careful design are a must if residents are to get the most out of their gardens.

Cheyne Gang Choir
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Singing their way to better health

Three practice nurses with a passion for singing started a group for people with COPD – with...

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Envisioning the nursing strategy for the future

There is much to like in Scotland’s Nursing 2030 Vision, but the success will be in the implementation.

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Remember their names: the nurses who died in two world wars

An appeal to create a national memorial to the nurses who gave their lives while serving in the first and second world wars is close to reaching its funding target.

Nurses with the walking wounded
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First world war: ‘The first big test of professional nursing’

As the world remembers the horror and sacrifice of the Battle of Passchendaele, a new book by nursing historian Christine Hallett brings into focus the extraordinary achievements of the nurses who risked their lives to care for the casualties.

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A vision for nursing in Scotland

Scotland’s new strategy for nursing emphasises personalised care and a shift towards nursing in the community. But there is also a new focus on nurse well-being – a topic close to the heart of chief nursing officer Fiona McQueen.

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English language tests for overseas nurses: too hard, or not tough enough?

Amid concerns that the NMC’s English language standard for overseas nurses is too high, and is a significant barrier to recruitment, employers are urging the regulator to think again.

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Partnership creates a stronger voice for nursing in Zambia

Collaboration with the RCN on a safe surgery initiative has enabled the Zambian nurses’ union to improve its professional standing and enhance the reputation of nurses.

Learning Disability Practice

How one study – IDS-TILDA – is leading the way in understanding the needs of an ageing learning disability population

As the numbers of ageing populations continue to rise, a new study, abbreviated to IDS-TILDA, looks at the way the needs of an older learning disability person can be met in the 21st century.

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Northern Ireland: making progress in hard times

Nurses in Northern Ireland face many of the same pressures as those elsewhere in the UK but with the added problem of a political impasse caused by the collapse of its devolved government six months ago. Yet nurse leaders insist there are grounds for optimism, and innovative work is going on in key areas such as safe staffing.

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PrEP: Support grows for ‘essential’ HIV prevention drug

​The World Health Organization's decision to endorse PrEP as an 'essential medicine' increases pressure on UK governments to follow Scotland's lead and make the controversial treatment available on the NHS.

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TB: not just a disease of the past

Tuberculosis is still a threat to public health in the UK - and it affects children as well as adults. Nurses need to know what to look for and where to go for advice.

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Gordon Aikman: The patient who transformed motor neurone disease care

In the brief time he had after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), Gordon Aikman successfully campaigned to increase the number of specialist MND nurses in Scotland. Now, a scholarship established in his name will encourage further improvements in care.