Jennifer Trueland

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COVID-19: how different generations can collaborate to make the nurse workforce stronger

Returners and students joining the emergency register bring unique skills and experience

Healthcare professionals should be up to speed with the value of physical activity. Picture: Neil O'Connor
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Why exercise is needed now more than ever, by nurses as well as patients

Clinical physical activity champions are inspiring healthcare workers to stay healthy

Operation Smile nurse Clark Agno-Gonzales treats a child held by a woman in Cebu, Thailand
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Nurse volunteers: Why I’m proud to be part of charity’s first-ever all-female mission

Meet the NHS staff nurse enhancing her skills while helping to transform children’s lives

Rewards for the night team at Monklands
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What does your employer do to make nurses feel valued?

Employers and senior nurses are finding new ways to show staff they are appreciated

Image of a nurse holding a speech bubble that contains a picture depicting a nursing task. How nurses describe their profession has an impact on the way policymakers, politicians and the public perceive the role
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Have you ever described yourself as ‘just a nurse’?

How people talk about nursing can diminish its value – here’s what you can do differently

Picture shows a couple with learning disabilities smiling at the camera. Dating agencies for people with learning disabilities aim to help them find not only romance but also friendships that can reduce social isolation.
Learning Disability Practice

Dating agencies: a chance to find romance for people with learning disabilities

Learning disability nurses might be asked to help a service user looking for love and...

Accelerate director of education Karen Staines and wound care specialist Gabriela Kom, with a patient
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The nurse-led chronic wounds service where lower limbs are the highest priority

Centre leader’s impassioned case for how every nurse can transform leg ulcer care

Picture shows two women in scrubs, the older one frowning at the younger one, who is looking at a folder. Being on the receiving end of incivility is always unpleasant but in a healthcare setting it can be dangerous.
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Rudeness upsets colleagues and poses risk to patients

Incivility is always unpleasant but in a healthcare setting it can be dangerous

man and woman snuggle on sofa, smiling and drinking wine
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NHS over-40s health check: how nurses can make it bigger and better

It was never just for the worried well, but now a major revamp will extend its reach

Forced marriage
Learning Disability Practice

Is your client at risk of forced marriage?

How nurses can help people with learning disabilities who are at risk of forced marriage

Illustration depicting a line of figures carrying placards which together form a large  arrow pointing forward. In this article senior nurses discuss how to remove the culture of fear and create a compassionate workplace in which everyone feels valued.
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Compassionate leadership: does it really give nurses a voice?

The ‘command and control’ model of leadership is now seen as outdated

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Help older patients by tackling overprescribing

Polypharmacy puts many older people at risk of serious side effects

Picture depicts the medical symbol of a staff with snakes curled round it and scales of justice suspended from it balancing medicine and law books. Nurses are advocates for their patients, service-users, and a human rights approach is essential.
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How a patient’s human rights influence the care you give

A human rights approach to healthcare can empower patients and protect nurses

Mental health conditions gave now overtaken musculoskeletal complaints as the number one reason for sickness absence among nurses.
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Nurses open up about their mental health problems

Mental ill health is now the top reason for NHS sickness absence – but there is good news

nurse care for man's leg wound in a practice setting
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Wound care: treating the cause rather than simply covering it with a dressing

How to challenge the perceived inevitability associated with chronic wounds

Illustration of nurses pointing the finger of blame at a colleague
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The blame culture in nursing: how to make a change in your workplace

A punitive response to errors affects patient safety and staff morale. There is another way

Bowel problem picture. Picture: iStock
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Asking about bowel problems could change your patient’s life

When nurses discuss faecal incontinence they’re really talking about quality of life

nurse on home visit to patient
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Preventing readmission: the power of just one phone call or home visit from a nurse

Study found nurses’ timely post-discharge follow-up cut patients’ readmission risk