Janet Snell

Is the role nursing plays outside of hospitals finally being recognised? Picture: Science Photo Library

District nursing’s survival is vital to a modern healthcare system

The value of nursing in the community is starting to be recognised. But is it too late?

Peter Baker

People with LDs who present with challenging behaviour could inform service improvement

Such behaviour can mean needs aren't being met, and nurses need to be aware of this

David Harling

Learning disability nursing needs to reset itself, says senior nurse

NHS England head of LD nursing says the profession has to fight to prove its worth

Community nurse with a patient

Community nurses: new research body will shine a light on their work

International Community Nursing Observatory will explore issues such as safe caseloads

A practice nurse with a patient

England’s chief nurse unveils £130,000 funding to develop primary care nurse leaders

Ruth May also outlines new network for care home staff at London conference

Dame Donna Kinnair urges nurses to be vocal about their concerns

Government has told me to ‘bring nurses under control’ – RCN general secretary

Dame Donna Kinnair’s revelation comes as she urges nurses to keep speaking out about concerns


Personalised end of life care for people with learning disabilities is the gold standard

Irene Tuffrey-Wijne advocates service-user involvement in decisions that affect them

Congress demands mandatory sepsis training

RCN members back call for mandatory sepsis training after hearing survivor’s account

Leonore Newson

Multitude of nursing uniforms causing confusion in England

Congress discusses whether a national uniform should be introduced

Kevin Crimmons, RCN Congress 2019. Picture: John Houlihan

Bullying in the NHS: ‘Nurses must take collective responsibility to help tackle problem’

RCN congress hears nurses’ own accounts of workplace harassment

Becky Hoskins addresses congress. Picture: John Houlihan

Nitrous oxide risks not widely understood, ‘even by nurses’

Mental health forum flags up dangers, such as breathing problems, burns and brain damage

Mike Travis

RCN congress rejects call to create elected general secretary

Some members believe high-profile role should be split from that of college chief executive

Appeal to nurses: ‘stick by colleagues if they’re caught up in a social media storm’

Staff in controversial care cases face abuse online – with even nurses joining in

Congress fringe: ‘RCN’s dual role of professional body and union only makes it stronger’

But college is failing to be a trade union for nurse academics, meeting told

Members divided over whether college should rejoin ICN

International Council of Nurses ‘offers RCN a global seat’, but some question its function

Nurses best-placed to talk to families about DNAR orders, congress hears

Nurses best-placed to talk to families about ‘do not attempt resuscitation’ congress hears

Congress backs call to lobby government to decriminalise prostitution

Sexual health nurse tells members this is the model backed by evidence – and sex workers

Meet the autism pioneer with the drive to find out more

Janet Snell talks to a philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley, whose work was inspired by her...