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RCN members back slimmed down ruling council

RCN members have backed changes to the way their ruling council is run aimed at making it more streamlined and effective - but only after a row at the annual general meeting (AGM).

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This is our chance to say ‘enough is enough’

Nursing is facing a twin threat: the introduction of the nursing associate role and the scrapping of the student bursary.

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Research should be a part of every nurse’s life

Why does nursing research matter? For an answer to that question you only have to glance at the programme for this week’s RCN international nursing research conference in Edinburgh.

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We can be a global force for good health

Nurses have a lot on their plate just now so tackling climate change might feel like someone else’s problem. But the World Health Organization has identified climate change as the greatest threat to public health, so it’s an issue that we must all engage with if we want to pass a planet fit to live on to our children and grandchildren.

Social media

Why should a busy nurse bother to tweet?

Think Twitter is not for you, or don’t have the time to find out? Janet Snell discovers what’s in it for nurses and decodes some of the social media jargon

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Want weekend working Mr Hunt? Then pay for it

I loved the #ImInWorkJeremy Twitter response to the health secretary’s ultimatum last week over moving to a seven-day NHS by 2020. Health staff posted selfies of themselves at work over the weekend to make the point that for many front line NHS professionals, weekend working is already the norm.

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The NHS won’t cope without non-EU nurses

It was good to see so many Filipino nurses standing up for themselves and protesting outside the Daily Mail offices after the newspaper’s blatantly racist reporting following the Victorino Chua murders. Calling for a halt to the recruitment of all nurses from the Philippines because of the terrible actions of one individual is ridiculous. It is also a hugely unfair slur that plants doubt in the minds of patients.


A nursing alliance with a firm and simple message: numbers matter

Senior figures have joined forces as part of Nursing Standard's Care campaign to demand minimum staffing levels that ensure quality care. Janet Snell reports