Flavia Munn

Flavia Munn is the editor of Nursing Standard. She is responsible for overseeing all the editorial content published daily on the Nursing Standard website and app, and its curation into our monthly print journal.

Flavia has over 15 years' experience as a health journalist, writing for newspapers and specialist publications aimed at the public, patients, nurses and doctors.

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Is it any wonder grateful patients want to slip underpaid nurses some money?

Taking cash gifts is a no-no, but if nurses were paid properly, the issue might not arise

Nursing Standard

Nurses’ strike ballot: a profession left with no other option

The new government has failed to offer solutions to NHS staffing and pay crises

Nursing Standard

Should specialist nurses be asked to help cover cleaning duties on wards?

Nurses turn to social media to call out disrespectful request that undermines profession

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NHS pay rise: nurses are a force to be reckoned with

Until the government values nursing there will always be recruitment and retention crises

Striking nurses
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NHS pay deal: could this be the moment when nurses decide it’s time to strike?

Calls for industrial action likely as inflation dashes hopes of progress on nurses’ pay

Nurse studies at home
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New nursing education institute aims to revolutionise learning ‘for tomorrow’s nurses’

RCN wants the institute to become a centre of excellence in nurse learning

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Will renewed NHS parking charges be the final straw for many nurses?

Ending free parking for hospital staff is out of touch with rising cost of living pressures

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Flexible working: why the NHS must make it work if it wants to retain its nurses

Nurses deserve work-life balance and employers must find ways to help them achieve it

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NHS nurse retention: yes pay is key, but so are working conditions

Nursing staff need and deserve not just time for breaks, but the spaces to take them

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While you’re running on empty, health services are running on your guilt and goodwill

Nurses feeling duty-bound to turn up for work when sick is unfair and unsustainable

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Mandatory vaccination: ‘no jab, no job’ rule is more like ‘no sense, no sensitivity’

Staggeringly high staff sickness levels must force the government to think again

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Where next?: how the pandemic has made nurses reconsider their careers

Whether leaving the register, changing roles or improving practice, your well-being is vital

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Sick of ‘resilience’? How to embrace being human – not superhuman

Chiara Dall’Ora explains why she refuses to teach resilience to nursing students

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Alcohol use: what to do when a coping mechanism becomes a serious problem

Don't let stigma or fear stop you from accessing the support you need

Picture shows senior black nurses Nichole McIntosh and Carol Love-Mecrow, who take part in a Nursing Standard podcast
Nursing Standard

How to overcome racism and discrimination to build your career in the NHS

Nursing Standard podcast looks at career progression for black and minority ethnic nurses

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Simple steps nurses can take to help protect the environment

Actions all healthcare staff can implement to be greener at work and at home

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Nurses are exhausted and need incentives – ultimatums do nothing for workforce retention

Our end of life care survey shows impact on patients when nurse staffing is inadequate

Actor David Harewood, who says mental health clinical leadership should be more representative of the diverse populations it serves
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Homeland star calls for more diversity in mental health leadership

David Harewood, who experienced psychosis in his 20s, says leaders must represent populations