Flavia Munn

Flavia Munn is the editor of Nursing Standard. She is responsible for overseeing all the editorial content published daily on the Nursing Standard website and app, and its curation into our monthly print journal.

Flavia has over 15 years' experience as a health journalist, writing for newspapers and specialist publications aimed at the public, patients, nurses and doctors.

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Child obesity plan won't work without more public health funding – RCN

College wants school nurse and health visitor posts to be returned to the NHS

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Online access to RCN research conference now available

Something of interest for every nurse as international nursing conference speeches go online

Sexual health clinic
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Fears for England's sexual health as RCN survey finds clinics struggling to meet patients' needs

RCN survey of 600 nurses uncovers understaffing, job freezes and inadequate training, with staff forced to turn people away from sexual health clinics

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Pet therapy – new protocol from RCN

Dogs should be used more widely in hospitals, says RCN

Nurse numbers
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Nurse numbers fall but senior managers increase, NHS Digital figures show

The number of nurses and health visitors in England has fallen, while senior managerial staff have increased, according to figures from NHS Digital

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Women prone to mood swings prompted by season, daylight

Women experience seasonal changes in their mood across the year, including more depression in winter, regardless of social and lifestyle factors, a study shows

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New survey asks if nurses have enough time for dying patients

Two in three nurses responding to a survey last year felt they had too little time to provide high quality care to dying patients. Nursing Standard and Marie Curie are now holding a second survey to see if this has changed a year on

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Resilience-based clinical supervision model proves successful in helping nurses cope with stress

A project helping newly qualified nurses to build resilience and cope with the stresses of the profession is proving to be a success.

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Electronic cap prolongs survival from brain tumour

Applying electricity to the brain by wearing a special cap boosts survival rates for people with an aggressive type of brain tumour, a clinical trial shows

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Hip fractures among older women reduced by community screening

More than a quarter of hip fractures in older women could be prevented by community screening for osteoporosis to help identify those at risk, researchers say

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Just one workout protects heart from cardiovascular disease

A single physical workout can give the heart immediate protection lasting for several days against cardiovascular disease, researchers say

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Educational achievement helps brain to combat Alzheimer’s

Higher educational attainment is associated with a significantly lower chance of having Alzheimer’s disease, according to a major genetic study

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Global campaign gives nurses the chance to showcase their value

The International Council of Nurses’ president says the Nursing Now campaign being launched in 2018 is an opportunity to address shortages worldwide

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Higher rates of psychosis linked to areas with social deprivation

Rates of psychosis can be nearly eight times higher in some areas such as inner cities, according to researchers who say it may be due to social deprivation

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Prolonged childhood seizures linked to other brain problems

Prolonged convulsive seizures in childhood could be linked to the development of other brain conditions, a study suggests

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Wales to get 161 more nurse training places next year

Nurse training places in Wales will rise by almost 10% next year as part of a £107 million investment in education and training, adding 161 places across all four fields of nursing

Maria Trewern
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RCN governing body elect new chair and vice-chair

NHS Professionals head of workforce insight Maria Trewern to take over RCN council chair in January – with the aim to speak out and ‘prioritise safe staffing’ – and Richard Jones elected vice-chair

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Campaign wins reprieve for heart disease centres

NHS England saves four cardiac surgery services provided they meet new care standards.