Flavia Munn

Flavia Munn is the editor of Nursing Standard. She is responsible for overseeing all the editorial content published daily on the Nursing Standard website and app, and its curation into our monthly print journal.

Flavia has over 15 years' experience as a health journalist, writing for newspapers and specialist publications aimed at the public, patients, nurses and doctors.

Nursing Students
Nursing Standard

Nursing Standard podcast offers top tips for students

Four nursing students from the University of Surrey give the inside track on student life

women discussing menopause in the workplace, using an information leaflet to help them
Nursing Standard

Menopause: it’s time to revolutionise what The Change means for nurses at work

Employers must recognise nursing is especially challenging for women who are in the menopause

Nurse leans against a window, puffing out her cheeks and looking exhausted
Nursing Standard

No time for a break: nurses reveal what short-staffing is doing to their well-being

Whole shifts without a sip of water show what the national nurse shortage looks like close-up

A group of students in a corridor. The next generation need our support to thrive in nursing. Picture: iStock
Nursing Standard

To the nurses of tomorrow – hello and welcome

Take a look at our resources for nursing’s next generation, and existing workforce

A nurse asks another about their well-being
Nursing Standard

Tell us about your well-being at work – and what can be done to improve it

Our Nursing Standard survey will be used to influence policymakers

Return-to-practice nurse
Nursing Standard

NHS People Plan promises are simple – but keeping them won’t be

Pledges in the interim plan need to be backed up with concrete action on staffing

Nursing Standard

End of life care survey makes compelling case for staffing law

Nursing Standard-Marie Curie survey reveals impact of staff shortages on nurses and patients

St Mary's
Nursing Standard

Youth violence charity finds people often more prepared to open up in emergency settings

Redthread’s violence intervention programme provides hospital-based support for young people

Nursing Standard

Substance misuse: ‘Doctors have a support service and so should nurses’

Congress hears of initiative to offer psychological help for nursing staff

careers website illustration
Nursing Standard

Nursing careers: website aims to demystify the range of jobs open to staff

Online resource explains progression opportunities for registrants and support workers

Jason Warriner
Nursing Standard

Nurses back public health strategy to prevent and reduce violence

But some at RCN congress say burden should not fall on nurses to report people at risk

Flavia Munn
Nursing Standard

Will convicting violent patients be an effective deterrent against attacks on nurses?

Trusts are taking legal action in a bid to put an end to violent attacks on NHS staff

Return to work
Nursing Standard

Return to practice: proposals aim to make process easier and faster

NMC plans include taking a competency test rather than a course

Bart's staff working on Christmas day
Nursing Standard

‘Thank you to all our members who worked over the Christmas break’

New and outgoing RCN presidents struck by patients’ appreciation of nurses during ward visits

Nursing Standard

Humble and proud: nurses on New Year honours

This year’s New Year honours list includes 27 members of the nursing profession

Children’s hospices
Nursing Children and Young People

NHS plans £7 million extra funding a year for children’s hospices in England

Increase – set to take effect by 2023 – means annual rise from £11 million to £25 million as CCGs expected to match funding

Online articles

Top 15: The most popular articles of 2018

As the new year begins, we look back at the 15 most popular articles from the past 12 months.

Choosing fruit
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Last chance to take part in our healthy lifestyle survey

Tell us about the support your employers give you to follow a healthy lifestyle