Why you should write

Why writing for publication is important

If you do not consider yourself ‘a writer’, you may find it difficult to summon the motivation and carve out the necessary time to produce an article worthy of publication. So how can you overcome that hesitancy? Here are some arguments that may persuade you.

Writing is good for you

It may be hard work but it will be worth it in the end. Being published brings most writers huge satisfaction and is an achievement of which to be proud. But more than that; it is tangible evidence of your personal and continuing professional development (CPD). You have demonstrated your expertise as a skilled communicator.


As it is tangible evidence of your CPD, writing for publication can help you revalidate and so stay on the professional register. Reading and reviewing other publications and undertaking enquiry-based research are among the CPD activities suggested by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and publishing an article based on these activities is evidence which you can record, for example, along with other CPD activities on the RCNi Portfolio.

Extending knowledge

Writing for publication allows you to share your ideas, research and practice with the wider nursing community. In doing so, you are helping to expand the body of professional knowledge. And that is the responsibility of every nurse, not only those you may perceive as being ‘more academic’ or ‘good with words’.

Improving practice

Nursing practice does not develop on its own. It needs practitioners like you to challenge, push and shape it. If you have demonstrated that A works better than B, you should be sharing the evidence widely.

Effecting change

Opinions as well as evidence can be a catalyst for change. Sharing your views on a public platform can cause others to reflect, develop, grow. Shape the debate. Better still, lead it.

Organisational benefits

Healthcare is high profile and all service providers are under close scrutiny. Publishing evidence that demonstrates your employing organisation’s innovative, patient-centred, high-quality approach to providing care will help safeguard its reputation. It will also enhance your own.

Professional duty

If you still need some persuading that writing for publication is a good way to spend your valuable spare time, consider this, from the NMC code. To practise effectively as a nurse, the code states, you must ‘share your skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of people receiving care and your colleagues'.

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