What happens after submission

Editing and production

All manuscripts accepted for publication will be published online as soon as they are edited to ensure readers have access to new content as quickly as possible.

Please note that not all articles we publish online will appear in print but bear in mind that RCNi subscribers can read your article online even if they subscribe to another RCNi journal. This is because they can access ten free articles from other RCNi journals every month.

So publishing online rather than only in print can mean that even more people can read, and act on, what you have written. 

Once accepted, articles are edited for accuracy, sense, flow and grammar and to check that the article is in our house style.

If any queries arise or are outstanding at this first-edit stage, you may be emailed directly by an editor, perhaps with an attached Word document of the edited article with the queries highlighted. The editor may also explain a particular format to use in answering the questions.

Next, the article is passed on to the RCNi production team, which will redraw any figures and sub edit your article. After this is done, they will always send you a copy of your article in Word format, along with any figures that have been redrawn.

At this stage, there may still be unresolved editorial queries, which will be highlighted. This is your chance to check the accuracy of the text and redrawn images or figures.

Please list any amendments separately from the article in an email to the editorial production administrator, whose details you will now have. Do not try to amend the Word document.

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