Zeba Arif


Workplace: What to do if you are a mentor being bullied by a student

Zeba Arif advises a mentor who says she is being bullied by a student because of her ethnic background.

socia media

Workplace: how to protect yourself and your patients when using social media

I have been approached by nurses who are worried that their use of social media could cause problems at work. Do you have any advice?


Workplace: How can I mediate between two colleagues?

Zeba Arif advises on how to mediate between colleagues.

Workplace: How can I advise nurses who regularly have split days off?

Split days off are becoming a reality for many nurses but they can play havoc with your health and wellbeing, says Zeba Arif.

Nursing taking a break

Workplace: What advice can I give to nurses who are not getting their breaks?

Nurses should insist on taking breaks for their own health and safety as well as that of their patients, says Zeba Arif.

Zeba Arif

Ask the expert: Organising a learning event

Regular learning events can help you meet the requirements of revalidation, says Zeba Arif

Zeba Arif

Workplace: How to deal with bullying in the workplace

I have been contacted by a nurse who witnessed (not for the first time) a manager intimidating a more junior colleague. What is the best way to help her?

Workplace wisdom

How can I support nurses with work-related mental health issues to better cope with their jobs?

Workplace wisdom

What advice would you give to nurses who wish to work flexible hours to fit in with caring responsibilities?

Workplace wisdom

How can I negotiate redeployment for a nurse who might otherwise face termination of their contract due to recurrent sick leave caused by stress?

Workplace wisdom

What would be the best advice and support to give a group of nurses who have been told their service is to be restructured?

Workplace wisdom

A junior nurse was suspended due to allegations of misconduct, and the charge nurse has...

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Regular contributors to Nursing Standard suggest some novels you might enjoy over the...

Workplace wisdom

As an RCN representative, what is the best way to support a staff nurse instructed by his...

Workplace wisdom

I have been contacted by a senior nurse from a mental health unit who has been suspended...

Workplace wisdom

I have been given some worrying information from a senior manager at my trust about a member...

Best defence is preparation

Three nurses, all from different wards, have put in sexual harassment complaints against a...