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Sharing essays: what to do if a friend asks to see your work

Sharing expertise is crucial in nursing, but sharing coursework can have serious consequences

Picture of students on a video conference call. Students are getting involved in debates around the COVID-19 pandemic. Picture: iStock

Nurse education: the COVID-19 response was the first step in treating students as equals

The five tests to assess commitment to change and ensure a new platform for students’ voices

Three issues for mental health nurse educators preparing new preregistration programmes

Three issues for mental health nurse educators preparing new preregistration programmes

Areas nurse educators need to address when developing preregistration nursing programmes

Poor care

Poor care and the professional duty of the registered nurse

Concerns have been raised in recent years about standards of care in the UK. Notable failures have been identified in the care of vulnerable older adults. This article identifies and discusses some logical steps which might be taken to minimise the risk of individual and systemic care failure in settings for older adults. These steps include frank discussion about ageism to promote empowerment and respect for older people; ensuring robust policies are in place that support and encourage the reporting of poor care; and ensuring that registered practitioners are aware of their accountability for their actions and also their omissions should they witness poor care. In addition to reducing the risk of poor care, these steps could contribute to having a more confident, competent and empowered workforce.

Elderly injured patient

Raising concerns and reporting poor care in practice

This article considers the issue of poor care and how nurses should respond when they encounter it. Several reports and inquiries into failings in care have called into question the standards of care provided by nurses. Of equal concern is the observation that in some instances, poor care is unreported. While there may be underlying structural and organisational reasons for this, it is contended that nurses have a legal, moral and professional obligation to report poor care when they become aware of it.

Poor care

How students should raise concerns with their tutors

University lecturers Robin Ion and Richard Craven offer advice on how nursing students can raise concerns