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Nursing Standard

Pain measurement: tools that can aid assessment, including for patients with dementia

Find out about the tools and scales for acute and chronic pain that can aid your practice

Nursing Older People

Rheumatoid arthritis: causes, treatments, challenges and helping patients to cope

Nurses can play a vital role in helping people with RA live the best quality life

Nursing Standard

How ward-based clinical simulation is helping nurses identify patients at imminent risk

Nurse’s secondment to patient deterioration team aims to boost knowledge and outcomes

Nursing student stands at bedside assessing patient's pain using pain scale
Nursing Standard

Pain assessment and management: the knowledge and skills you need

Understanding pain type, what to do if pain is unrelieved and the tools you need

Nursing Standard

Non-melanoma skin cancer: how to optimise patients’ outcomes and care experience

NMSC mortality is low, but nurses can ensure its impact on individuals is not downplayed

Nursing Standard

Taking a patient history: a guide for nursing students

How to build your experience and confidence, plus tips on raising difficult questions

Nursing Standard

What is unprofessional behaviour and how can I avoid it?

Professionalism isn’t keeping quiet and looking tidy – here’s how to focus on what matters

Nursing Standard

Diabetes management at the end of life: advice for non-specialist nurses

End of life care sees a shift in focus from reaching targets to avoiding distressing symptoms

Nursing Standard

Are you at a career crossroads? Advice for nurses looking to change direction

The pandemic has left many nurses thinking of changing their role. Here’s what to consider

Nursing Standard

How to let go of guilt about not ‘going the extra mile’

Nursing students are encouraged to do extracurricular activities - but is it necessary?

Nursing Standard

Dissertation for a nursing degree: why do it and how to get the most out of it

It may not be required to register as a nurse, but a dissertation can improve your practice

Nursing Standard

What is competency and how can I maintain it?

Competency is a key principle of the NMC code and without it, patient safety is at risk

Cancer Nursing Practice

Brain tumours: treatment challenges and how to support patients who receive a diagnosis

Brain tumours are rare but survival rates are low, with most life-years lost of any cancer

Emergency Nurse

Childhood asthma: treatment options and why it is under-diagnosed

High prevalence of asthma – 1 in 11 UK children – means nurses need better understanding

Nursing Standard

Shift pattern changes: your rights and options, and how to get what you need

What to do if your employer proposes changes that affect your health or caring role

Nursing Standard

What does a nursing support worker role involve?

In education, community and acute care, these staff make a vital contribution to the team

Image shows silhouette a running figure divided down the middle, one half in a hospital in nurse's uniform and the other in casual dress at the beach
Nursing Standard

Holiday entitlement: how much leave you can take and when

Your annual leave rights, especially during the pandemic, and when your employer can say no

Emergency Nurse

Manchester Triage System: all you need to know about critical mental health updates

Clinical tool ensures parity of care for people in mental health crises presenting to the ED