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Illustration shows a nurse surrounded by images of key elements needed when working shifts: comfortable shoes; fruit and vegetables; time for hydration and a break, shown by a clock face and a cup; a bottle of water

Clinical placements survival guide: tips to help you cope with the shock of shift work

How to give yourself the best chance by eating well, requesting breaks and managing sleep

A nursing student smiles as she sits next to a resident in a care home while on placement

How to secure your dream job in your favourite placement setting

Showing a passion for the nursing specialty and telling managers what you want will help

A nursing student stands with a ward nurse as they consult notes together

You’re about to start a clinical placement? Here are 7 things you need to know

Find out how to achieve your learning goals while maintaining a work-life balance

A nurse holds up and shows a bottle of medication to an older man seated next to his female companion

Diabetes and dementia: safely managing people living with multiple long-term conditions

Older people with diabetes are at higher risk of developing dementia

Nurse, face unseen, holds an illuminated lightbulb, with systematically connected dots appearing to radiate from, illustrating the capacity of nurses to be innovative

Care innovations: how to spark ideas on placement and influence change in practice

Hospital-based projects are a chance to gather evidence, present a case and improve care

An illustration showing a nurse in the middle of a circle of six other healthcare staff with arrows pointing away from the nurse to illustrate delegation of work

How can I become more confident in delegating nursing tasks?

Delegation is a key nursing skill but can be challenging, here is some practical advice

What you need to be a chief nurse – and my top tips for getting there

Focus on developing your skills in roles you love, and keep on learning

Nursing students learn how to insert and attach an oral tube into a manikin

Struggling to get your NMC proficiencies signed off? How a skills clinic can help

Outreach clinics give students the chance to practise clinical skills in a safe environment

A close-up of an older person’s had with a red wristband saying DNACPR

DNACPR: what do nursing students need to know?

How and why they are made, the legal implications and the role of patients and families

Pressure ulcers: how new advice could help you ensure care is consistent

Recommendations aim to improve care pathways and wound categorisation

How I turned a nursing setback into a thriving business

Antonia Philp’s tips for nurses who spot a patient need or a gap in the market

How can I advance as a nursing associate?

Make the most of career opportunities whether you aspire to nurse registration or not

How I became the UK’s first Filipino chief nurse – and learnings from my journey

Oliver Soriano describes how he has dealt with the highs and challenges along the way

How a student channelled her grief to offer comfort to dying patients

Amy Mann also used her experience to devise end of life care workshops for students

Why I wanted to be a nurse leader and how I achieved it

A new online programme is helping overseas nurses progress in their UK careers

Leading change as a nursing student: how to develop an innovation

Award winner explains how she co-produced a relevant, helpful resource with patients

Community project placement: what will I learn and how do I get one?

These non-clinical placements help develop students’ understanding of health inequalities

I’m a learning disability nurse – what are my career options?

The role can take you down exciting and challenging paths working with people of all ages