Josie Irwin

'Male style of negotiation would not have delivered a better pay deal'

Critics wanting aggressive approach to win more concessions are being unrealistic: RCN’s Josie Irwin

Scrap the Cap rally

Josie Irwin: Government’s offer is a leap in the right direction

A rise of 6.5% over three years is not a panacea, but the offer is free of unpalatable demands, so RCN members will be encouraged to accept, says the college’s lead pay negotiator


Josie Irwin: Government must fund above-inflation pay award, not pass the buck

The scrapping of the 1% pay cap shows that Jeremy Hunt has listened to nurses. But this does not mean the battle for fair pay is over, says RCN lead pay negotiator Josie Irwin.

Stressed nurse

Josie Irwin: More training places won’t fix the crisis in the nursing labour market

Real progress would be scrapping the pay cap and sustained action to increase the availability of clinical placements and retain experienced nurses, says the RCN’s lead pay negotiator.

Josie Irwin

The battle for fair pay can still be won

Despite the disappointment of another 1% recommendation by the review body, pressure is building on the government to Scrap the Cap. Stay engaged with the campaign - and resist the dangerous argument that the NHS must prioritise jobs over pay, says the RCN's lead pay negotiator Josie Irwin.


Josie Irwin: Now more than ever, we need to keep up the pressure to scrap the pay cap

The parliamentary debate on NHS pay was secured by an online petition – proof of what can be achieved when nurses and their supporters take action, says the RCN’s chief pay negotiator Josie Irwin.

Morale and pay

Josie Irwin: Campaign for fair pay is a fight for future of the NHS

The 1% pay cap is causing low morale among nurses, has destabilised the workforce and is now putting patient care at risk, says the RCN’s lead pay negotiator.

It’s time to end the attack on nurses’ pay

If you ask any nurse why they chose this profession it is unlikely they will say it was because of the pay. They will almost certainly say they wanted to make a difference or give something back to society. Put simply, you can almost guarantee that they are not ‘in it for the money’.

Too much pressure

According to a recent report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), two thirds of hospitals are offering substandard care, with one in ten hospitals, and a similar proportion of adult social care services, rated as inadequate on safety.