Jason Warriner

International year of the nurse and midwife offers a chance to showcase our talents

2020 will be a rare opportunity to demonstrate the value of nursing to the wider world

New approach needed to stop HIV

Guaranteed public health funding is needed for the UK to reach a zero HIV infections target

A leaflet on smoking cessation

Public health should not be an easy target for cuts

Funding has dropped by nearly a quarter in five years, but what will be the long-term effect?

Nursing resilience in a political vortex

What would happen if we took the politics out of an ever changing public health environment, asks RCN Public Health Forum and independent healthcare consultant Jason Warriner

World AIDS Day 2017

Jason Warriner: Don't lose the momentum against HIV

Public health

Nurses’ role in public health and integration of health and social care

This article examines the findings of a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) survey, The Value and Contribution of Nursing to Public Health in the UK: Final report ( Donovan and Davies 2016 ), on the value of public health nursing and nurses’ role in shaping the integration of health and social care. The prevention of ill health is important across all the UK’s government health policies as they place an emphasis on improving health and supporting people not just to live longer, but to stay healthy. Integration of care means aligning health and social services and making sure that they are ‘person-centred’, designed to meet the needs of individuals across care pathways which are ‘place-based’ where people are living and working. To meet the unprecedented challenges of increasing population demands and financial pressures in health and care services, improving the public’s health and better integration of services are fundamental. Nurses and midwives are in a unique position to support and drive this improvement because of the regular and frequent contact they have with people. The survey highlights the value of the contribution they can make to public health and the associated knowledge and skills required to undertake such work


Jason Warriner: We can end the HIV epidemic

Fragmented commissioning poses a threat to the enormous progress that has been made in HIV care and treatment. Sustained investment, strong clinical leadership and improved availability of PrEP is essential - and could end the HIV epidemic by 2030, says Jason Warrner.

Specialist nurses in HIV care

Advanced nursing practice in HIV care

New guidelines can ensure people living with HIV are at the heart of all we do, say Jason Warriner and Michelle Croston


Why including sexual health education in specialist communities is essential

Simon Dowe and Jason Warriner look at the statistics regarding sexual health education.


Heal the nation after Brexit

All nurses, regardless of how they voted in the referendum, need to come together and show the importance of tolerance and respect, says Jason Warriner

Jason Warriner

60 seconds with Jason Warriner

As clinical services director for The Sussex Beacon charity Jason Warriner offers specialist care and support to people living with HIV

Leadership, Management & Team Working in Nursing (2 nd Edition)

This book is part of the Transforming Nursing Practice series and is written with student...

A proud LGBT history

In two weeks time, I will be giving a public lecture for LGBT History Month at an event in...