James Buchan

Public wants EU nurses
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Recruitment contradictions only confuse the post-Brexit plan

Most leave voters want the UK to continue recruiting EU nurses, but how will that work?

signs point to two directions
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Nurses face so many uncertainties over Brexit and immigration control

EU nurses in the UK need to know what their post-Brexit status will be

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Nicola Sturgeon's offer to nurses challenges unions and employers

The more Scotland goes its own way on pay, the more it will have to handle its own processes

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Workforce: New technology will not displace old funding issues

The prime minister may laud the benefits of IT, but the NHS has more pressing needs

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Workforce: Offer to Jamaican nurses marred by Windrush

Timing is all in politics, says James Buchan

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Workforce: What can we learn from the ‘pay pendulum’ of decades ago?

Since the mid-1980s, the Pay Review Body has been fairly successful in keeping nurse pay on an even keel, but it’s clear the system now needs fixing, says workforce expert James Buchan

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Workforce: Immigration of skilled younger nurses keeps our NHS running

With ‘self-sufficiency’ in NHS staffing yet to materialise, the UK relies on skilled workers from abroad to maintain viable services

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Barriers to overseas nurses and the illusion of self-sufficiency

There is no immediate likelihood of the UK achieving self-sufficiency in nursing, while the approach to international nurses has become incoherent

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Workforce: Alarming decline in district nurses driven by lack of funding 

The number of district nurses has fallen by almost 50% over the past seven years. With their skill set more in demand than ever as people are living longer with long-term conditions, this appears to fly in the face of logic, says workforce expert James Buchan

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Workforce: Unpaid volunteers an attractive option for NHS, but need training

Policy attention is increasingly focusing on the contribution of volunteers to help expand the NHS workforce. But like all health service employees they must be trained to be part of the team, says workforce expert James Buchan

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Workforce: What do the UCAS figures tell us about new entrants to nurse education? 

The end of year report from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service shows a crash in the number of mature entrants but suggests nurse education can help with social inclusion, says workforce expert James Buchan

care bot
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Workforce: Robots may take other jobs, but they can’t do what a nurse can do

Care bots – robots that assist older people – are being used in Japan, and researchers in the US are looking to create robotic nurse assistants. The good news for registered nurses is that they are unlikely to be replaced by technology just yet, says workforce expert James Buchan

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Workforce: UK is looking less united in terms of nursing policy

The fact that the new nursing associate role is only being considered in England adds to the divergence of nursing policy across the four countries of the UK, says workforce expert James Buchan.

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Workforce: Lessons for NHS in Ryanair pilot crisis

When the supply of pilots fell short of demand, Ryanair cancelled flights. But the NHS has limited scope to manage demand during winter, leaving little room for manoeuvre should there be a major flu outbreak, says workforce expert James Buchan.

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Workforce: Medical students do well, but nursing may pay the price

Plans by the Department of Health to increase the number of medical student places have cost implications for nursing, because other NHS programmes will receive less if no new money is found, says workforce expert James Buchan.

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Workforce: No easy way forward on pay even if cap is scrapped

The Scottish Government says it will scrap the 1% public sector pay cap next year, and there is speculation England may follow suit. But even if a decision is made to remove the cap, questions remain about how that will be achieved, says workforce expert James Buchan.

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Workforce: Nursing vacancies in England and Scotland at record levels

Although the data should be treated with caution, the message is clear: both sides of the England-Scotland border are reporting the highest ever number of nursing vacancies, says workforce expert James Buchan.

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Workforce: Staff retention is biggest challenge in tackling workforce shortages

With nurse turnover having huge financial implications for employers, it is little wonder nurse retention is now a major objective for both Health Education England and NHS Improvement, says workforce expert James Buchan.