Support in practice Nov 2012

This is the November supplement for healthcare assistants and assistant practitioners.

In it, nursing assistants explain why they have joined the speech and language therapy team.

Support in practice

Legal advice: Richard Griffith on duty of confidence
All patients, including those who have died, have the right to their personal health information being kept confidential.
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Building the basis for appropriate therapy
Frances Pickersgill talks to nursing assistants undertaking a speech and language therapy secondment.
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HCAs are perfectly placed to provide human sympathy and support
The importance of healthcare assistants in hospitals has undoubtedly grown in recent years.
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Review aims to maximise staff potential
New community roles being developed by Skills for Health will demonstrate the benefits that support healthcare staff at bands 1-4 can bring to patient care.
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Playing to my strengths
Joanne Fuller's role as a school nurse assistant fulfils her ambition of helping young people stay healthy
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HCA voices make council debut
David Cardwell and Brenda McIlmurray are the first healthcare assistants to be elected to the RCN council. Here they spell out their hopes and plans
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Safety first on medicines
Healthcare assistants asked to administer drugs must know their legal responsibilities, writes Dianne Bowskill
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An air of confidence
Robin Lewis explains how to use the 'look, listen, feel' approach to assess breathing and respiratory rate
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