Support in practice Feb 2015

This is a quarterly supplement produced by Nursing Standard for healthcare assistants and assistant practitioners.

In this collection of articles Jacqueline Filkins talks about her role in a partnership; Robin Lewis explains how healthcare assistants can help spot deterioration by monitoring patients' vital signs, and there is advice on reducing the risk of back injury at work.

Support in practice

Putting HCAs on the map
Jacqueline Filkins was in a partnership leading an EC pilot to review healthcare assistant standards in Europe.
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Courses & resources
Courses, events, grants, and awards to progress your career.
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More than just a daily ritual
Healthcare assistants play a vital role in ensuring hospital patients maintain personal hygiene, says Letitia Agbegah.
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‘A few grateful words can make your day’
David Fairweather offers some reasons why being a carer can be such a fullfilling role.
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Taking on a supporting role
Physician associates assist doctors with diagnosing and treating patients. Tamsin Newton Snow looks into this emerging role.
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Better prepared for stroke care
Paul Carr describes a training workbook used to help healthcare assistants learn essential skills.
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Reducing your risk of back injury at work
Quick guide on staying safe.
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Help to spot deterioration
Robin Lewis argues that the safety of patients in hospital can be improved by using tools to monitor their vital signs.
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Legal advice
Richard Griffith on the law and capacity.
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