Public speaking

At some point in your nursing career you may be invited to speak to the media.

Public speaking provides opportunities to educate people about health care and nursing. These articles offer advice about being ready for the media spotlight and ways to prepare for presentations.

Be heard in high places
When mental health nurse Karla Wilson-Palmer was asked to give evidence to a select committee she felt daunted but undeterred, writes Elaine Cole.
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Stand and deliver
Preparation, practice and a smattering of nerves are key to giving a good presentation, says John Illman.
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Caught on camera
Broadcasting a film of an operationcould jeopardise patient trust, say Marc Cornock and Andrew Nichols.
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Health on the box
Pauline Byers explains how appearing on live television is an opportunity for health promotion.
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Keeping confidence
Marc Cornock explains confidentiality in health care, and outlines when it may be breached in the public interest.
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