Top 5 free nursing apps

We’ve all heard someone say 'there’s an app for that', but what apps are available for nurses? And which ones are worth having?

Here we take a look at the top 5 free nursing apps and what they can offer you while nursing on the move:

1. Nursing and Health Survival Guide - Pearson (Taylor & Francis Group)

Simple and intuitive, the Nursing and Health Survival Guide contains the essential information a modern health student, or professional, needs to provide excellent care. It covers subjects from drugs in use and maths and medications to child protection and clinical skills.

Nursing and health survival guide

2. BMJ (British Medical Journal) - BMJ Group (BMJ Publishing)

The BMJ iPad app combines the weekly BMJ print journal selection of research, comment, and education (with added interactivity), along with live feeds of the latest news, blogs, podcasts, and videos to appear on bmj.com.


3. NICE Guidance - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)

It is the first ever app to contain public health guidance, including topics such as smoking cessation, promoting physical activity, behaviour change and preventing diabetes. It contains all of NICE's clinical guidelines, including those on COPD, hypertension, stroke, chronic heart failure, atrial fibrillation, head injury, depression, ovarian cancer, UTI in children, anxiety and autism. It also contains all NICE's technology appraisals, interventional procedures guidance, medical technology and diagnostics guidance.

NICE Guidance

4. onExamination Exam Revision - BMJ Group (BMJ Publishing)

Choose to revise with either Work Smart - which allows you to answer questions by topic, level of difficulty or key word; or Work Hard - which delivers revision questions to you in a random order to fully prepare you for exam day. Check your scores at the end of each session to see how well you performed.

onExamination exam revision

5. CliniCalc Medical Calculator - Medicon Apps (Medicon Apps)

Healthcare professionals often need to do complex calculations and remember numerous scores and classifications. Can you calculate the CHADS2 Score for Afib patients or remember the Glasgow Coma Scale? This application gives you the answers with comprehensive background information.

CliniCalc Medical Calculator