Common CV mistakes

In a competitive job market your CV is key to job hunting success. Whilst many people have a good idea of what should be included in a CV, fewer people take account of the common CV mistakes that could put an end to your applications progression. Here we look at some of the most common CV mistakes and how you can avoid making them:

  1. Lack of relevant information. Many candidates write a generic CV in order to keep their options open and rattle off applications as quickly as possible but this can be counterproductive. With a little extra time and trouble,  you can tailor your CV to suit the role you are applying for and include all the relevant information to present you in the best light. Time invested now could pay off later on.
  2. Lack of evidence. Providing examples from previous jobs that demonstrate your skills can be much more persuasive than simply stating them.
  3. Spelling and grammatical errors. An obvious point, but one that is often overlooked. Your CV should demonstrate your professionalism and therefore be impeccable; even basic errors can result in your CV not making the cut. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to ask someone else to read through your CV before you submit it.
  4. A negative attitude. Employers are often unimpressed with a negative attitude. You should keep your tone and language positive, only mentioning difficulties or disappointments if you were able to resolve them.
  5. Poor use of language. In writing your CV you are demonstrating your communication skills. Many people waffle or use slang which can sabotage their chances of landing a role. Instead you should focus on being precise, use a positive tone and include action words to highlight your achievements.

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