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Sudden infant death syndrome
Primary Health Care

Sudden infant death syndrome: investigating risk factors and safer sleeping practices

Mothers are asked to recall three sudden infant death syndrome strategies and identify risk in sleep scenarios

Primary Health Care

Evaluating the use of social prescribing coordinators in general practices

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals.

Primary Health Care

Patient acceptability of delayed antibiotic prescriptions

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals

Primary Health Care

Study reveals changing attitudes to unsafe sex

The British National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles investigated the rise in unsafe sex and sexually transmitted infections.

Primary Health Care

Nurse-led family programme bids to reduce child neglect

Randomised controlled study investigates the effectiveness of two-hour group meetings with expectant young mothers in a bid to improve suboptimal parenting in vulnerable parents.

Primary Health Care

More effort required to address needs of self-harming young people

Population cohort study investigated causes of self-harm in children and adolescents.

Primary Health Care

Assessing the NHS Health Check programme

Systematic review of 20 research studies of patient experience of the NHS Health Check programme.

Primary Health Care

Qualitative study explores the use of targeted case finding to identify COPD

Qualitative study of the views of nurses, doctors and practice managers to investigate attitudes towards targeted case finding use in COPD.

Primary Health Care

Study investigates use of children's community nursing teams and costs associated

Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice study evaluates whether the reduction in hospital costs offset the costs of two new CCNTs in England from 2012-2015.

Primary Health Care

Public health nurses’ views of postnatal anxiety

Study looks at support offered to mothers experiencing postnatal depression and anxiety

Primary Health Care

Factors influencing the decision to attend screening

Understanding the thought process of patients considering screening tests, following cancer diagnosis will improve take-up rates, studies find.

Primary Health Care

Behavioural approaches to weight loss do work

Randomised controlled trials compare effects of brief advice and self-help materials, with a long-term weight management programme

Shortage of healthcare professionals
Primary Health Care

Exploration of acceptability of the physician associate role

Addressing shortage of GPs and nurses in UK

Brain cancer
Primary Health Care

Need to address high levels of cancer diagnosed in emergency units

Study tests belief that diagnosis is a failure of primary care

Childhood immunisation
Primary Health Care

Health professionals most trusted on immunisation advice

High childhood immunisation uptake in England.

Obesity in prison
Primary Health Care

Methods used to tackle obesity of the prison population

Improved understanding of obesity in prison

At-risk drinkers
Primary Health Care

Universal screening effective in identifying ‘at-risk’ drinkers

Reducing alcohol-related morbidity and mortality is a public health priority

HIV care
Primary Health Care

Better engagement with HIV care improves outcomes

Reducing HIV morbidity and mortality rates with antiretroviral therapy