Roisin Devlin

Emergency department worker wearing PPE

COVID-19: how we have prepared for the surge that’s yet to come

An emergency nurse in Belfast says vital work has seen staff pull together like never before

Two figures talking to each other

Make time to listen to colleagues, who may be under stress

As staff are pushed to breaking point by increasing workloads it is important to support and engage with co-workers who are struggling to cope


Bigger picture: Congress debate can get lost in translation

The interests and views of patients should be central to debate about mental health issues.


Change the world through networking

Roisin Devlin explains why attending a conference and talking to people can make all the difference in implementing care.

Roisin Devlin - Bigger picture

Last December, RCN Northern Ireland (RCN NI) embarked on a social media campaign to lobby the health minister to implement a pay award for Northern Ireland nurses, called #fairpay4NInurses.