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An illustration showing a smiling nurse in uniform standing in front of a crowd, represented by several sets of hands raised high and clapping

Daunted by public speaking? Tips to take you from nervous to confident

Nurse experts share their advice on how to prepare well and engage an audience

Man frowns and holds his chest as he coughs – chronic cough is a common experience among adults

Chronic cough in adults: how the latest guidance can help you help your patient

Advice on diagnosis and assessment, red flags, complications and timely referral

An illustration of two heads overlapping and facing away from each other. One has a black cloud with shapes over the brain, the other has a blue sky and sunshine

How can you spot the signs of bipolar and make an early diagnosis

The early warning signs of bipolar and how biomarkers can be used to speed up diagnosis

Care for transgender people: how to create positive, inclusive experiences

The steps you can take to tackle health inequalities faced by trans people

A nurse supports a woman’s arm as she has a mammogram scan

What the changes to NHS cancer waiting time targets will mean to you

A streamlining of waiting time target standards hopes to bring a positive change

Can sofa beds and power naps at work help staff fight fatigue?

How some trusts are tackling the issue – and aiming to reduce the risk of errors

How a new breed of nurse is promoting the profession on Instagram and TikTok

They mix working-life and lifestyle posts to boost public understanding of nursing

An illustration of different workers, some holding boxes all heading towards the exit: many mental health nurses are leaving the profession early

How to prevent early- and mid-career mental health nurses from leaving

Making staff feel valued with a clear career path will encourage them to want to stay

Unforgettable inspirations: the role models and mentors who made us who we are

Recognising strong nursing voices that have shaped the NHS, as it marks its 75th anniversary

Illustration of a figure on a sofa hunched over and holding their head in a gesture of worry and anxiety; living with cancer can lead to anxiety and depression

Living with cancer and the consequences for a person’s well-being

Tips on how to ease the fears and anxieties that can adversely affect mental health

Giving first aid outside the workplace: what are your responsibilities?

The legal and moral requirements for off duty staff and what the NMC says

Why it needn’t be a fight to get your annual leave entitlement

Your rights, your employer’s responsibilities and what to do if you are facing issues

Thinking of moving to the UK to practise? Here’s what you need to know

Practical advice on job offers, spotting scams, language tests and money issues

What you need to know about late effects of cancer treatment

One in four people with cancer are living with long-term consequences of its treatment

Constipation, daytime wetting and nocturnal enuresis: what you need to know

How to offer timely management advice to families on this common and distressing issue

Celebrities with cancer: how their openness can influence others

Awareness of cancer influencers’ stories can help nurses offer the best care

What can be done to persuade nurses to stay in general practice?

GPNs look at what needs to change to boost staffing and the profile of the specialty

Improving early diagnosis rates through heightened cancer screenings

Freelance health journalist Kathy Oxtoby got the news nobody wants to hear; she had cancer....