Kathy Oxtoby

Improving early diagnosis rates through heightened cancer screenings

Freelance health journalist Kathy Oxtoby got the news nobody wants to hear; she had cancer. More than 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and this figure is rising, but cancer screening numbers have declined – so what can be done to improve early diagnosis rates?

Memories of nursing

Case of Memories: former nurses with dementia recall their working lives

An RCN project is using replicas of nursing items from the 1940s and 50s to stimulate reminiscence for former nurses and other care home residents.

raf nurse

RAF nursing – no ordinary job

Nurses who join the RAF can expect an exceptional career pathway with varied and exciting roles.


How to choose the right branch of nursing

Whether it’s adult, children, mental health or learning disabilities, Kathy Oxtoby talks to nursing lecturer Parveen Ali about how to choose the branch of nursing that’s right for you.


How to ace an exam

Taking exams can be stressful, but thorough preparation will help ease your nerves and boost your performance on the day, writes Kathy Oxtoby.


When does compassion become caring too much?

Learning how to keep a professional distance will prevent you becoming too emotionally involved with your patients, writes Kathy Oxtoby.

perfect essay

How to write the perfect academic essay

Writing essays for an undergraduate nursing course can be challenging, especially if you have been out of education for a while. Here are some top tips for writing an effective essay.


Stamping out negative attitudes towards BME nursing students

Kathy Oxtoby talks to the RCN's Wendy Irwin about BME nursing students' experiences of racism, and where to get support if this is happening to you.


Making the transition from colleague to manager

Moving from colleague to manager can be fraught with challenges for nurses. Kathy Oxtoby looks at how to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Night shits

Night shifts: the good, the bad, and the coping

As the latest research on working night shifts shows a link with coronary heart disease, Kathy Oxtoby talks to the RCN's Dawne Garrett about the pros and cons of working nights and how best to cope.

How to handle bullies

Bullies can make you feel powerless, but read on for some strategies you can employ to beat them.

A voice for patients and staff

Staff governors can influence foundation trust policies, as community district nursing sister Janet Briers has discovered for herself.

Make yourself heard

Having the confidence to be speak up and be heard can boost your career and your patient...

Try to keep a calm head

Walking away may not be an option, so here's some tips on turning round your relationship...

Let’s sit down and talk about it

Conflict between colleagues or managers is all too common when working in pressured...

Feeling the pressure at work

Nursing can be a particularly stressful profession. It is not just physically demanding, but...

Making the most of complaints

Her role as a clinical adviser to the health ombudsman reminds Cherilee Angland that little...