Karen Storey

Karen Storey

General practice nursing: focusing on the ten-point action plan to transform the...

Karen Storey reflects on her work at Health Education England and looks forward to fresh challenges in her new role as NHS England primary care nursing lead.


Evaluation of a primary care triumvirate leadership development programme

This article reports on triumvirate leadership development from the perspective of multiple stakeholder participant groups. These groups include the general practice nurse as well as general practitioner, practice manager, programme team and practice colleagues. It provides recommendations for future primary care triumvirate healthcare leadership development. Kirkpatrick’s ( 1983 ) four steps were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the approach. This is the standard model used to demonstrate the value of training across the organisation. Data were collected through individual and focus group interviews, and thematic analysis was used to generate themes relating to the four levels. Findings show that adopting a primary care triumvirate leadership approach provides a promising platform for putting the contemporary collective and distributed approaches to leadership development into operation. Recommendations include how the nurse should be a legitimate triumvirate member, encouraged to develop leadership capability beyond the duration of the programme. Future programmes could benefit by adopting a multidimensional leadership development model. This would expose the primary care triumvirate leader to the evidence-based ‘Six Es’ approach to leadership development: evaluate, examine, exposure, education, environment, experience ( NHS 2006 , Leigh et al 2017 ).


Use the power of the network

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Karen Storey

Why a career in general practice is a rich and valuable one

There has never been a more exciting time to be a General Practice Nurse (GPN).