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students sit a written exam
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Overseas nurses’ much-needed skills are being squandered by tough language test rules

English language standards for foreign-trained nurses are needlessly harsh, study suggests

A woman at a petrol station appears worried as she looks at the price gauge
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Fuel costs forcing nurses to look for jobs elsewhere

Higher mileage allowance needed to stem the drain on nurses’ finances, union says

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Flexible working: have the new rules made a difference for nurses?

What you told our survey about why it matters, making requests and support from managers

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Hospital staff protest against closure of affordable on-site nurseries

Nurses may be forced to quit as closures come amid cost of living crisis, warns Unison

More experienced nurses talks to newly qualified nurse on a ward
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Nurse preceptorship review exposes inconsistencies in quality and duration

Programmes for newly qualified nurses should last at least a year, say researchers

Picture shows a woman sitting at a desk leafing through bills while using a calculator
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Free advice for nurses on coping with money worries

Nurses struggling to make ends meet can now get free debt advice through the RCN Foundation

Lord Laming speaks in House of Lords debate about tackling abuse of NHS staff
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Public anger over scarce NHS resources ‘being directed at nurses’

Nurses are pushed into the public firing line by their managers, House of Lords told

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Secrets of a festival nurse: how to find the perfect role at the best events this summer

If you love music and the great outdoors, why not consider working as a festival nurse?

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COVID-19: no let up as staff absences shoot up in just two weeks

Absences related to the virus shot up by nearly 60%, according to NHS England figures

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Nurses’ well-being: ‘burnout’ too gentle a term for mental distress

NHS medical director tells MPs radical action needed to improve nurses’ mental well-being

Illustration shows two figures holding a coin next to a basket of groceries, while nearby red arrows rise from a with a wallet and bill receipt
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Pay rise of 5% above inflation needed to stop more nurses from resigning, pay body told

Case for ‘significant’ rise to retain and recruit staff is argued at NHS Pay Review Body

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Support nurses with menopause – or risk losing them, MPs told

Nurse says specialist advice and resources are vital as symptoms can often go unrecognised

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COVID tests: nurses left unclear on who will pay for testing as 1 April deadline looms

Failure to clarify testing policy for NHS staff leaves nurses concerned about test fees

Picture shows the entrance to Western General Hospital in Edinburgh
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Nurse who mistreated patient with dementia asks to be removed from register

Nurse suspended after telling regulator she is unfit to practise and asking to be struck off

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Competency test centre set to greet thousands of overseas nurses

University facility will enable nurses to do their OSCE before they can register in the UK

Clinical staff work happily together as study finds doctor retention better when nursing teams are stable
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Do doctors need nurses more than nurses need doctors?

Stability in nursing teams boosts retention of medical staff, but not the other way round

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Lack of action on nurse staffing crisis ‘means more patients live in pain’

Report condemns failure to act on ‘desperate under-staffing’ as waiting times soar

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Scottish Government plan to boost nursing student intake labelled ‘inadequate’

RCN says strategy to increase homegrown and overseas nurses laudable, but lacks detail