Dean Gurden


Should I leave the NHS and work for an agency?

For NHS nurses in permanent jobs, the freedom of agency nursing may seem enticing, but it is important to consider the pros and cons

Problem solving

How to become a good problem solver

Nursing students need to learn how to deal with multiple problems in the clinical environment.

Safety for community nurses

Keeping community nurses safe from harm

Lone workers in community settings can be vulnerable to abuse. Dean Gurden looks at how to mitigate the risks and keep these people safe.

Nurse saying goodbye

How to leave your job

Knowing when – and how – to move on is an important career skill.

Return to practice

Vacancy boom encourages nurses back onto the wards

Opportunity knocks for nurses if they want to return to practice

Careers target

Rediscover your passion by setting fresh career goals

Work motivation can be kick-started by redefining your ambitions


Workplace matters

Medical settings are fast-paced and busy, so if someone is not pulling their weight, it can have a big effect on the rest of the team and the quality of care being given. What if it is one of your colleagues who is not fulfilling their duties or performing to the required standard?

Open to change

Stay open to change

Most of us find change a challenge, but by accepting it as inevitable we can make the most of opportunities that arise.

Career path

From negative to positive: turn redundancy into an opportunity

Being made redundant can feel like a crushing blow, but it might just be the springboard to better things

Which path should you take?

Student life - Which path should you take?

Last year’s Shape of Caring review highlighted the alarming fact that at least 20% of nursing students are dropping out of their studies.

Spirit of collaboration

Few of us work in isolation, so ensuring your team works well together is essential.

Make the right choice

Two employers are vying for your services, so how do you choose between them? Here's some advice

Lessons from rejection

So you didn't get the job. Time to brush yourself down and prepare for next time

Secure that ideal job

Playing to your strengths and seeking specialist career advice are just some ways of...

Prepare for interview

Distinguish yourself from the other candidates by preparing thoroughly for your interview....

Lightening the load

If you feel inundated and are struggling to cope, then these tips are designed to help you...

Networking benefits

Keep up to date professionally, share expertise and gain emotional support by building...

Clear communication

We all know that good communication skills are crucial, but it's easy to slip into bad...