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Dementia patients
Nursing Standard

Shift changes ‘may compromise safety on dementia ward’

Independent Federation of Nursing says proposed longer breaks for nurses on Glasgow hospital’s dementia and mental health wards could affect care and increase patient aggression

Nursing Standard

Shortfall in mental healthcare for expectant and new mothers, survey reveals

The Royal College of Midwives has called for increased investment in maternal mental health services in response to a survey of more than 2,300 mothers

Cancer nurse specialist
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Cancer charity warns of potential shortfall of 7,000 clinical nurse specialists

Macmillan Cancer Support has called for ambitious action from Health Education England to plug workforce gaps and reduce pressures on existing clinical nurse specialists.

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Rates of hospital readmissions for COPD patients rise since 2008

A national audit found 43% of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients are readmitted to hospital at least once within 90 days of discharge, compared to 33% in 2008

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Nurses more likely to receive no sanction at FtP hearing with RCN representation

RCN analysis figures show nurses with RCN representation are more likely to have no sanction brought against them at Nursing and Midwifery Council fitness to practise hearings than those without representation.

Bad lifestyle choice
Nursing Standard

UK cancer rates rising nearly six times faster in women than men

Figures released by Cancer Research UK have highlighted potentially bad lifestyle factors causing rising cancer rates in women.

Health visitor cuts
Nursing Standard

Unite protest against proposed Yorkshire health visitor cuts

Humber NHS Foundation Trust is consulting on changes to its public health nursing service...

Alexandra staff in Cavell shirts.jpg
Nursing Standard

Nursing workwear company plans £10,000 fundraising drive for nurses in hardship

Staff at a nursing workwear company are planning bike rides, fun runs and bake sales to raise £10,000 for nurses in hardship.

Soft bank robotics
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Project aims to develop social care robot for older people

Academics are to explore whether 'culturally aware' robots could help care for older people in future.

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A&E nurses working in intolerable conditions, RCN Northern Ireland director says

RCN Northern Ireland director Janice Smyth has said nurses are ‘under extreme stress’ in response to the latest emergency waiting time figures.

Suicidal patient
Mental Health Practice

Healthcare staff urged to talk to patients who may feel suicidal

Head of charity Papyrus says staff must take the first step

men playing football
Mental Health Practice

‘Factors that protect against suicide less well understood than risk’

Research is needed into the relationships that protect people against suicide risk, says mental health expert

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Nurses do not speak in 75% of cancer multidisciplinary team meetings, research finds

A study commissioned by Cancer Research UK has found that nurses do not frequently speak in multidisciplinary meetings relating to cancer care.

Cancer nurse specialist
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Almost half of patients with lung cancer are not seen by a nurse specialist, audit reveals

The latest national lung cancer audit found insufficient numbers of patients are seen by lung cancer nurse specialists.

Mental health
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Hospital staff lack confidence and knowledge to care for people with mental health conditions, warns report

Hospital staff often lack the knowledge or confidence to care for people with mental health conditions appropriately, according a major new review.

Older cancer patient_tile_iStock.jpg
Nursing Standard

Some healthcare professionals lack skills in caring for older people with cancer, says report

A report commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support has called for a basic education framework to improve the knowledge of healthcare professionals working with older people with cancer.

woman in counselling
Mental Health Practice

Counsellors reluctant to disclose clients’ suicide risk to GPs

Counsellors ‘massively under-report’ clients at risk of harming themselves

Bullying at school
Mental Health Practice

Schools should revisit their anti-bullying policy to help prevent suicide

Expert on suicide prevention tells conference to stop ignoring victims of bullying.