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The challenges of type 1 diabetes management and self-management for children and young people
Published 05/06/2023
Integrating family-centred and child-centred approaches in children's cancer nursing
Published 17/05/2023
Use communication effectively when carrying out systemic health assessments for people with learning disabilities
Published 11/05/2023
Reduce the risk of exacerbations in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Published 11/05/2023
Understand the definitions and conceptualisations of ‘personality disorder’
Published 05/05/2023
Understand how wound assessment influences clinical decision-making in wound care
Published 25/04/2023
Defining transformational leadership, situational leadership, authentic leadership and compassionate leadership
Published 04/04/2023
Preventing HCAIs and the use of aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT) in common procedures
Published 03/04/2023
Identify and support men who experience paternal postnatal depression
Published 15/03/2023