Viv Bennett


Five reasons why nurses should encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes

Vaping presents much lower risks to health than smoking tobacco

How senior nurses can help fight antimicrobial resistance

Non-prescription advice pads rolled out to support Keep Antibiotics Working campaign


Viv Bennett: Vaccines save lives, so let’s get the message out

The World Immunisation Week campaign urges nurses to help patients understand the value of vaccination

Online advice for breastfeeding mums now includes Alexa voice service

Complementing support from healthcare professionals and breastfeeding specialists, Start4Life – Public Health England’s direct-to-public service for early years – has launched a new 24/7 Breastfeeding Friend available as a skill on the Amazon Alexa voice service

Viv Bennett: Improving cervical screening uptake would save lives 

With the uptake rate of cervical cancer screening at a 20-year low, nurses need to help women understand the importance of screening and its crucial role in preventing death from cervical cancer, says Public Health England chief nurse Viv Bennett


Viv Bennett: Vital role for nurses in healthy lifestyles campaign

Nurses have a vital role to play in promoting the latest healthy lifestyles campaign, which stresses that just ten minutes of brisk walking a day can help ward off conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, says chief nurse for Public Health England Viv Bennett.


Viv Bennett: Combating the ‘silent killer’ that is hypertension

Nurses can play vital roles in tackling high blood pressure, a leading cause of cardiovascular disease and stroke, says Public Health England chief nurse Viv Bennett.


Nurse leader: creating a social movement for health

To develop a culture of health, we have to increase our focus on prevention, and support people and communities to create conditions for better outcomes, says Viv Bennett.


Think ‘family’ to give every child the best start in life

Viv Bennett on giving children the best start in life

Voices - Viv Bennett says all nurses can educate, prevent and be ‘antibiotic guardians’

Nurses have a vital role in improving and protecting the health of the population, and one area where we have opportunity and responsibility is in antimicrobial resistance.

Voices - Viv Bennett outlines the key priorities in improving health inequalities

One of our pivotal challenges in public health is tackling health inequalities.

Voices - Viv Bennett points out where nurses can make a difference to public health

The Five Year Forward View for health services in England calls for gaps in health and wellbeing to be closed. It spells out the need for a radical upgrade in prevention and public health.

Voices - Nurses can engage with young people to improve care, says Viv Bennett

More than 300 delegates from around the world came to London in July to attend the school...

Voices - Direct and indirect care nurses all play important roles, says Viv Bennett

A social media conversation recently looked at what ‘nursing care’ and ‘patient care’ mean...