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Safe Staffing

Safe staffing: five years on from the Francis report what has changed?

With nurses struggling to provide safe care, UK-wide staffing laws can’t come soon enough

Susan Osborne: Whimsical workforce guidance won’t help create a safer NHS

Guidance has belatedly been published on safe nurse staffing levels in five new healthcare settings, but the sanitised documents are silent on the real requirement for a workforce that is safe and fit for practice, says Susan Osborne

Susan Osborne: Why do some nurses fail to meet the basic needs of patients?

A stay in hospital as an inpatient left Safe Staffing Alliance chair Susan Osborne feeling isolated and insecure when her basic needs such as comfort and hydration were not met


Susan Osborne: Safe nurse staffing ratios must be mandated across the globe

Staff shortages and cuts to nurse leadership are worldwide problems for the nursing profession. We must work with our international colleagues to ensure staffing levels are safe and that nursing has a place on the global stage, says Susan Osborne.


Susan Osborne: 2020 too late to solve nurse staffing crisis

The government’s pledge to fund an extra 10,000 training places is all well and good but those nurses are needed now, not in 2020, says safe staffing expert Susan Osborne.


Susan Osborne: The government must listen to global advice and invest in the NHS

With 40,000 registered nurse vacancies in England, the government must stop the cuts and start investing in the NHS as a matter of urgency, says safe staffing expert Susan Osborne.


Susan Osborne: Strike or resign en masse - it's time for nurses to get tough

If nurses can't support their trade union over strike action they should resign en masse, like nurses in California in the 1990s.


Susan Osborne: unsafe staffing is putting patients at risk of harm

With reports showing unsafe staffing levels are contributing to patient harm in the NHS, recruiting and retaining nurses has never been more crucial, says Susan Osborne.


Susan Osborne: Introduce mandated nurse-to-patient ratios before it is too late

At a time when the NHS is facing unprecedented demand, only nationally mandated ratios will determine the number of nurses required to provide safe and effective patient care, says Susan Osborne.

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Susan Osborne: Shutting out the press keeps public in the dark about state of the NHS

Making the general public fully aware of the decline of the NHS would force the government to act, says Susan Osborne.

Susan Osborne

Susan Osborne: let's learn from the prison officer's dispute in our fight for...

It's time to create a social movement and pull together to lobby for safe staffing levels.

Susan Osborne

Susan Osborne

Focusing only on stabilising financial performance puts patients and nurses at risk, says Susan Osborne

Nurse leader: Losing nurse advisers is final nail in the coffin

The lack of consultation on this step is scandalous

Voices - Listen, learn and act now to achieve safe staffing, says Susan Osborne

The latest report from the Public Accounts Committee severely criticises senior health...

Voices - For the sake of the NHS we have to save bursaries, says Susan Osborne

Brexit, Trump and migration dominate the news, burying coverage of the doctors’ strike,...

Voices - Stand together and be heard to ensure patient safety, says Susan Osborne

Why is it that the Welsh assembly recognises the severe shortage of nurses and midwives but...

Voices - The government is making staff shortages worse, says Susan Osborne

The 1972 report by the Committee on Nursing, known as the Briggs report, is well worth...

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