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Pat Cullen on picket line
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Nurses’ strike: all the news from today’s picket lines

Nurses take to picket lines as other unions show support

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First major nurses’ strike in NHS history starts today

Staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland walk out in fight for better pay and staffing

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RCN slams ‘unacceptable’ legal threats from employers as nurses prepare to strike

Call to withdraw threats as RCN confirms extension to shielded services

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Students left despondent as nurses struggle to provide adequate mentoring

Lack of support on placements could contribute to decisions to quit, says nursing student

A protest march with a woman holding a placard saying 'Pay not poverty'
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Pay offer accepted by some nurses in Scotland

RCN members in Scotland still being balloted on strike but others vote to accept offer

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Nurses' strikes to go ahead after talks with minister fail

RCN said government had 'closed its books and walked away' after last-ditch meeting

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Named and shamed: the tax avoidance schemes targeting nurses

HM Revenue and Customs urging nurses to withdraw from schemes run by Charteris Management Ltd

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‘What should I bring to the picket line?’ nurse asks Twitter

Social media inundated with suggestions as thousands of nurses prepare to strike next week

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Sunak branded ‘out of touch’ for pledging to curb nurses’ strikes

Unions criticise prime minister's talk of tough laws to prevent ‘unreasonable’ strikes

Paul Grayson
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Nurse who sexually assaulted unconscious patient is struck off

Paul Grayson secretly filmed patients and colleagues and caused ‘physical and emotional harm’

Sheila Sobrany has been elected the RCN’s next president
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RCN president-elect: I have racism, discrimination and college’s culture in my sights

Nurse lecturer Sheila Sobrany sets out how she hopes to support profession after poll win

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Pension reforms aim to attract retired nurses back to work

Proposed changes will give returning staff more flexibility while protecting their finances

Trusts address nurse retention by introducing career catch-up chats
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Please don’t go! How ‘stay conversations’ are managing to boost nurse retention

Trusts’ regular one-to-one discussions aim to head-off potential resignation issues

Kate Price (right) and Catherine Lacey run one-hour sessions at the Good Grief Café at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London
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Grief café helps community nurses cope with patient deaths

Café is an informal space to discuss loss, death and dying and how they affect nurses

A nurse immunises a child against measles at a clinic in the town of Chitungwiza, 20km from the Zimbabwe capital of Harare
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Nurses coming to work in UK after ‘forced migration’ from Zimbabwe

Thousands of nurses faced with broken agreements and withheld pay have flocked to the UK

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Nurse vacancies continue at record high of more than 47,000

NHS Digital data reveals a rise of more than 600 vacancies since the end of June

Health secretary Steve Barclay, whose department’s chart was criticised by the UK Statistics Authority
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Health department blasted over ‘misleading’ chart on nurses’ pay

Scathing condemnation by UK statistics boss says chart exaggerates previous pay rises

Nurses registering from overseas, and UK nurses with diverse heritage make up increasing proportion of total workforce
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International recruitment: almost half of new registrants were educated abroad

Employers urged to make workplaces more inclusive to help nurses from overseas thrive