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Image of a male and a female nurse in uniform walking forwards with their arms outstretched backwards and palms upward indicating refusal

Can I refuse to care for a patient as a nursing student?

If and when refusal to treat may be acceptable on placement – and how to deal with issues

Two nurses stand looking at a patient lying in a hospital bed, discussing discharge plans

Delayed discharge: steps you can take to support patients and help get them home

How ‘discharge to assess’ systems and early planning can cut delays

A young man with Down’s syndrome sitting on a bed

How to create safe discharge pathways for learning disability inpatients

Hospital teams can provide support to patients in their return to the community

What is a creative health placement?

Students and patients can benefit from the therapeutic power of the arts in healthcare

Intensive care: conquering fear and learning confidence for this highly complex setting

Simulation is a safe place to learn from mistakes and identify patient deterioration

Senior clinical lead for children and young people with learning disabilities Rebecca Crossley stands next to a service user she is vaccinating, both wearing masks

What has changed in vaccine uptake for people with learning disabilities since COVID-19?

Nurses can help make the vaccine experience a more positive one

Two nurses in an emergency department look on as another nurse writes on the care planning board at the nurses’ station

Who’s in charge when patients are in bed limbo?

New guidance aims to clarify clinical responsibility for patients who are ‘between wards’

What is ChatGPT and can I use it to help with an assignment?

Students need to be AI-literate, but must use the technology with caution

Profile of a human face with patterns in the foreground and background featuring abstract images representing the mind and mental health

All you need to know about trials on psychedelic drugs for mental health

Interest in the use of hallucinogens is growing but experts stress the need for caution

Heart failure: when is the right time to introduce discussion of palliative care?

Advice on advance care planning and ensuring patients understand their diagnosis

Palliative care is everyone’s business: steps you can take to improve patient experience

How to promote seamless and person-centred support across primary and secondary care

CPD: what activities count for revalidation?

It doesn’t just mean training courses – find out what else counts for your CPD hours

Narrative coaching for nurses and how it can help your career

Creating a narrative can be an invaluable tool. Find out more at Nursing Live

Clinically assisted hydration at end of life: what you need to know

A look at what the guidance advises, and why decisions are not always straightforward

How nurses can manage conflict with children’s families

Expert advice on what to do when problems arise and how to resolve them

Are degree curricula meeting students’ learning needs, regardless of field of practice?

Critics say courses have become generic, five years on from NMC’s new education standards

How plans to boost nursing recruitment have let down social care

The sector still needs its own nursing plan amid challenges in recruitment and retention

What does the NHS workforce plan mean for primary care nursing?

How the much heralded plan may affect nurses not employed directly by NHS