Nick Evans

Cancer Nursing Practice

Evaluating the progress of England's national cancer strategy

NHS England has reached the halfway mark since it published its five-year cancer strategy in 2015. Shining a light on recent events, how far has the NHS come and is the strategy still on track?

Cancer Nursing Practice

Stamping out the variation in end of life care in England

A report by Macmillian Cancer Support highlighted the pitfalls in end of life care despite a government pledge to drive up standards by 2020.

Nursing Management

Have your say on building the NHS workforce

Health Education England is consulting on draft proposals to cope with increasing demand and a ‘significant shortfall’ in staff.

Cancer Nursing Practice

Inadequate support given to help people with the emotional toll of a diagnosis

Analysis of the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey for England highlights concerns in the support given to people following a cancer diagnosis

Cancer Nursing Practice

Reassessing the efficiency and functions of multidisciplinary teams for cancer

After more than 20 years since multidisciplinary teams were introduced, a damning new report looks into the usage by people with cancer, as more are being diagnosed than ever before.

Stressed nurse
Nursing Management

Staff shortages compromising care, RCN survey finds

Staffing levels are having a huge impact on quality of care, nurses often feel they are not able to perform to the best of their ability. A recent survey by the Royal College of Nursing has found that little is being done to relieve pressures facing staff.

Mental Health Practice

Preparation for winter pressure is 'not enough' warns NHS Providers

Winter is coming and the wider NHS is gearing up for increasing pressure on services.

Emergency Nurse

NHS Providers tells emergency services to brace themselves for what could be the worst winter in years

Despite intensive winter planning, doubts remain over how hospitals in England will cope this winter.

Nursing Older People

Delayed discharges remain 'stubbornly high', says NHS Providers

Extra funding for emergency care system may not be enough to improve the care of frail, older patients.

Nursing Management

Is the NHS heading for the worst winter in a generation?

Opinions are divided on whether the healthcare system can cope with demand over the coming months.

Nursing Children and Young People

Neonatal transitional care should become a 'must have' service

Draft British Association of Perinatal Medicine guidance sets out how transitional care should be provided in the future.

Care home
Nursing Older People

Advancing care of residents in care homes

The National Institute for Health Research wants to change the way care is delivered to 416,000 older residents living in care homes in the UK.

Nursing Management

Staff retention programme to provide bespoke help for NHS trusts

Retaining staff remains a major problem for the NHS. Over the past six years the proportion of nurses leaving the health service has risen by one quarter, to top 10% in 2016.

Nursing Children and Young People

Roald Dahl charity funds network of specialist nurses

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity is the inspiration for a network of specialist nurses to support severely ill children.

Nursing Management

What the election means for the NHS

During the general election on 8 June, polls suggested the NHS was the number one priority on voters' minds, but the result has spread uncertainty and scepticism for the future of the NHS.

Nursing Children and Young People

Updated perinatal palliative standards emphasise choice, needs assessment and bereavement support

A call for greater support in palliative care and bereavement is highlighted in the case of Ana Todorovic and her baby, Nadia.

Nursing Older People

Experts agree on value of screening for irregular heartbeat in older people

A unique programme could be the way forward in detecting irregular heart rates and preventing strokes, study suggests.

Nursing Management

Number crunching: are there enough nurses?

Using freedom of information requests, the RCN has found that despite the Conservative party's statements of increased nursing numbers, all is not as it seems for the nursing profession