Michaela Barnard

Presenting to a committee

How to apply for research ethics committee approval

This article explores when and where ethical approval is required and how this should be undertaken.

Developing effective therapeutic relationships with children, young people and their...

It is imperative that nurses caring for children, young people and their families develop and maintain effective, trusting and collaborative therapeutic relationships that sit within the scope of professional boundaries. This relationship is the nurse’s responsibility and should be positive and mutually acceptable to all stakeholders. A unique challenge for children’s nurses is to address and prioritise the child’s care needs, while meeting the needs of, and empowering, the family. The 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, commitment – should underpin care and enable nurses to overcome challenges such as time pressures, acute situations or disturbed family expectation. Confidentiality and safeguarding should always be observed.