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Jersey £100 notes
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Jersey’s nurses reject pay offer that would have ‘benefited vast majority’

Jersey pay talks to continue as nurses vote ‘no’ to deal

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Shorten painkiller prescriptions to avoid health complications

Commonly prescribed painkillers need to be given for shorter periods of time to reduce the risk of obesity and sleep deprivation, researchers say

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Women with diabetes need improved care during pregnancy

Novel approaches and technologies are needed to improve perinatal care for women with diabetes, researchers say

MH Questions
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Nurses urged to complete a questionnaire on mental health

RCN is seeking professional views on its response to a review of the Mental Health Act

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NHS England's bid to improve physical health in people with severe mental illness

New guidance has been issued by NHS England to improve the physical health of people with severe mental illness

Primary Health Care

MPs urge sweeping changes for nursing workforce

Commons health committee report warns of limited funds for standard community nurse training and staff shortages.

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Anger from nurses as NMC votes itself a raise

Council should reduce registration fees not increase its members’ allowances, say unions

QNI resource
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QNI launches resource to inform nurses and students about care home nursing

The complexity of care home nursing has been outlined and championed in a new resource pack which aims to encourage more nurses to consider the role.

NHS rally
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Nurses add their voice and support to protest over lack of NHS funding

Protesters took to the streets of London and other parts of the UK on Saturday 3 February to demand better funding for the NHS.

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RCN calls for urgent national campaign to boost student applicant numbers

Number of applicants for nursing student courses has fallen for a fourth year running

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Hazard score predicts risk for onset of prostate cancer

Scientists have developed a hazard score to predict genetic risk of the onset of aggressive prostate cancer that could help decide who and when to screen, and contribute to successful treatment

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Hundreds of nurses march in rally to protect the NHS

RCN president Cecilia Akrisie Anim calls for urgent action to address the staffing crisis.

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Genetic predisposition to obesity no barrier to weight management

The benefits of following a healthy diet to prevent long-term weight gain are greater in people with a high genetic risk of obesity, a study shows

Janet Finch
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Nursing and Midwifery Council expresses unease at voting for chair and members’ pay rise

A pay rise for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) chair Dame Janet Finch and members has been unanimously approved.

Commons committee
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Staff shortages are preventing nurses from taking breaks

Nursing Standard readers have responded to the Commons health committee report on the nursing workforce.

Jill Macleod Clark
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Nurse education overhaul moves a step closer

Plans to replace nursing student mentors wins support

Nursing Management

Embracing the benefits of agile working

How one community tissue viability service is thriving from its foundation trust's cost-saving switch to agile working

Capital Nurse-sponsored digital tool
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Skills and competencies: new digital career tool for nurses launched to improve job satisfaction

Digital career framework tool developed by Health Education England-sponsored Capital Nurse programme to be used alongside progress chats between nurses and employers.