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Leadership course
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How to master nursing politics

Looking to hone the skills you will need to influence people? The RCN’s political leadership course was built with you in mind.

Breast cancer care
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Clinical update: Breast cancer

Clinical update on breast cancer, including latest guidelines, signs and symptoms, advice on helping your patient and expert opinion

Supporting leaders
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Supporting nurses to become clinical leaders

RCN clinical leadership programme revitalises senior nurses' approach to leading and managing teams

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Clinical update

Haematological cancers

Feeding a patient
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Empowering nurses to lead innovation

The Patients First Programme, which develops leadership skills and confidence, is currently recruiting.

RCN reps
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The vital work of RCN reps

As the lifeblood of the organisation, RCN representatives can make a real difference to members experiencing problems

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Systemic lupus erythematosus

The latest medication recommendations for systemic lupus erythematosus

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Nurse recall birth of RCN Wales for new history book

New book celebrates 50 years of RCN Wales

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New guidance targets MND

Services for patients with motor neurone disease vary throughout the UK, with co-ordinated multidisciplinary care being the gold standard. New NICE guidance aims to improve care from diagnosis to end of life. Rachael Marsden, who played a part in developing the guidance, says nurses are uniquely placed to co-ordinate care.

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From a ward sister to award winner

Being named RCN Wales nurse of the year has affirmed Claire Harris’ view that commitment and enthusiasm can be as important as experience in a leadership role. The ward sister explains how she helped turn around services in an acute stroke unit by inspiring her team.

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Meet the headache specialist

A small number of neurology nurse specialists have become experts in helping patients suffering from headaches

Groans about student loans
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Student life - Groans about student loans

When chancellor George Osborne announced last November that student bursaries were to be replaced with loans from 2017, it sparked widespread concern among nursing students.

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The long road to full prescribing powers

In 1978, the RCN proposed that nurses should have the authority to prescribe dressings and topical treatments. Almost 40 years later, there are 73, 970 nurse prescribers in the UK, more than 10% of the profession. As the RCN celebrates its 100th anniversary, this article looks at the history of nurse prescribing.

Heart attack patient
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Feedback on heart attack

The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in London is the largest heart and lung centre in the UK. This article explores a project carried out by nurses at the trust looking at the experiences of having an acute myocardial infarction, and how patients felt about taking part in a research study.

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Practice nursing: the pitfalls and the potential

A survey by the Queen’s Nursing Institute has confirmed that practice nursing is facing major pressures, with one third of practice nurses due to retire by 2020, patchy access to training and widespread discrepancies in pay. But there is also cause for optimism, as new initiatives aim to ensure practice nurses are better supported and rewarded.

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With responsibility comes vulnerability

The Medical Defence Union warns that as nurses take on more responsibilities, they are more vulnerable to complaints and clinical negligence cases. Advanced nurse practitioners are advised to work within their competence, communicate clearly and apologise when things go wrong.

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Scholarship can help ideas flourish

Scholarships from the Florence Nightingale Foundation are providing nurses with the financial means to put innovative ideas into practice. Nurses from all four countries of the UK can apply for leadership, travel and research scholarships to support their career development and help improve patient care.

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From acute to primary care

Moving from hospital to the community has been made simpler thanks to the Queen's Nursing Institute