Janet Youd

Picture shows Janet Youd speaking at RCN Congress. Here she reflects on the end of her tenure as chair of the RCN Emergency Care Association.`

Janet Youd: My next move

Outgoing chair of RCN's Emergency Care Association on her achievements and passions

Join the Emergency Care Association at RCN Congress and make your voice heard

Congress on 19-23 May can be a great platform to generate and share ideas


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): implications for nurses and the NHS

What you can expect from the new data protection regulation and how it will affect your work


Bigger picture: when inspectors call

As many trusts prepare for another round of quality inspection, Janet Youd wants to know if emergency care workers are ready for the truth about their department's achievements.


New framework launched to clarify the knowledge and skills emergency nurses need

The RCN Emergency Care Association has launched the National Curriculum and Competency Framework for Emergency Nursing in response to demands for clarity about the knowledge and skills nurses require to work in emergency settings.

Address the basic needs of those who care for others

Janet Youd on why now is the time to invest in the needs of those caring for others in the emergency department

social media use at work

The bigger picture: keep your wits on the twittersphere

Social media has transformed how healthcare professionals communicate with each other. This is great, as long as you remember social media comes with health warnings

Janet Youd - The bigger picture

I am writing this column as talks continue between the government and the British Medical Association (BMA) to resolve the ongoing dispute over the junior doctor contract. Further industrial action, involving a strike by junior doctors this month, is still on the cards.