Heather Jarman

Clinical research: how getting involved gives your professional development a boost

Tips for taking an active role in nurse research, and why it’s exciting and rewarding work

Carbon monoxide exposure

Screening and management of unintentional low-level carbon monoxide exposure in the ED

The pathophysiology, signs and symptoms of patients with low-level carbon monoxide exposure

Nurses can play a pivotal role in emergency department research

If you have ever thought you should be involved in research, act on it

Invasive haemodynamic monitoring: the role of emergency nurses in helping to provide...

Accurate monitoring of critically ill patients in emergency departments (EDs) is crucial to providing the information needed to optimise patient outcome.

The emergency care nurse role: a clinical staff attitude survey

The emergency care nurse (ECN) role was introduced in the emergency department (ED) at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, London, in January 2006. This was in response to a rise in both the number of patients presenting with complex critical care needs and in the problems associated with ensuring a consistent level of nursing proficiency in this area.