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Gwyn Grout and colleagues describe how skills development through international collaboration is helping patients in Ghana.

Practice question: When should I use one-to-one nursing for a patient with dementia or...

A hospital admission can be bewildering for people with dementia or delirium. Staff can have difficulty managing what they perceive to be unsafe behaviour and so adopt one-to-one nursing to minimise risk. However, one-to-one nursing is often applied haphazardly or is not managed robustly enough to ensure efficacy and cost effectiveness. Some organisations have policies to guide staff about when and how to apply observation, but these are often in place to minimise organisational risk rather than to consider the needs of the person experiencing distress.

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Concordance concerns the ability of a person to take medication as prescribed. Whether the person with cognitive impairment chooses, or is able, to take medication as prescribed is multifactorial: ■ Nature of the medication, form, frequency and specific administration requirements. ■ Personal preference. ■ Nature of the cognitive impairment and its effect on understanding, memory and decision making. ■ Functional ability. ■ Social situation.