Flavia Munn

Flavia Munn is the editor of Nursing Standard. She is responsible for overseeing all the editorial content published daily on the Nursing Standard website and app, and its curation into our monthly print journal.

Flavia has over 15 years' experience as a health journalist, writing for newspapers and specialist publications aimed at the public, patients, nurses and doctors.

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NMC urges nurses to have their say on education overhaul

Practising nurses are being urged to use their experience to help shape the future of nursing education.

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Tai chi may help prevent falls in older people

Doing the Chinese exercise tai chi improves balance control and flexibility in older people and may help prevent falls in older and at-risk adults, an analysis of research has found.

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Isle of Man nurses to get 2.5% pay rise

Nurses on the Isle of Man are set to receive a 2.5% pay rise following an arbitrated agreement with unions.

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Long-awaited changes expected to speed up fitness to practise cases

Reforms that give more powers to case examiners and the option of agreeing ‘undertakings’ with a registrant come into effect on 28 July.

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Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy linked to child’s motor skills

Pregnant women with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have children with poorer motor development, a study has found.

Lord Willis
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Exclusive: ‘Golden hellos’ could ease recruitment crisis, says peer

Shape of Caring review author Lord Willis says employers need to find ways to attract people to the profession and retain staff.

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Plans to strengthen NHS against threat of cyber attacks

The government is pledging an extra £21 million for cyber security across the NHS in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack.

mobile phones
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Mobile phone use changes the way we walk

Mobile phone use alters people's gait and approach to obstacles, say researchers.

Nursing in China
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Unique nursing partnership forged between UK and China

King's College London is helping to develop nursing in China in a collaboration that is delivering rich learning opportunities.

staff wear pyjamas
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Hospital staff in Yorkshire join the End PJ Paralysis drive

Staff at Airedale Hospital wear their pyjamas to work as part of an international campaign to keep inpatients moving.

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Health warnings issued as UK heatwave continues

NHS England issues amber health heatwave alert as temperatures in the UK soar above those in the Bahamas.

Nursing Management

Addressing the issues of high turnover rates in senior nurse roles

A departing nurse director has spoken of the ‘anxiety of individuality’ sometimes felt in senior roles such as hers

Shelagh Robinson
Nursing Older People

'Dementia does not define me'

Speakers at a recent conference expressed the important role nurses play in reducing the stigma that surrounds dementia, which was highlighted in a new report by the Alzheimer's Society.

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Government 'must heed healthcare warnings'

Nurse leaders stress need to scrap pay cap and fund social care

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Travelling further to a GP may improve cancer survival rate

Patients who travel further to see their GP have better cancer survival rates, research finds.

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Older people less likely to get talking therapies for mental health

Older people are less likely to be referred for talking therapies for conditions such as anxiety and depression, study says.

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Child deaths from diarrhoea down but stay highest in poorest nations

Child deaths globally due to diarrhoea have fallen by a third in 10 years, but mortality rates remain highest in some of the world’s poorest countries, research shows.

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Praise for 'heroic' staff after London attacks

England's CNO commends swift actions of staff