Flavia Munn

Flavia Munn is the editor of Nursing Standard. She is responsible for overseeing all the editorial content published daily on the Nursing Standard website and app, and its curation into our monthly print journal.

Flavia has over 15 years' experience as a health journalist, writing for newspapers and specialist publications aimed at the public, patients, nurses and doctors.

Prison nursing
Nursing Standard

Nurses are central to protecting physical health of prisoners

Nurses must ensure patients in prison receive the same standard of care as those outside, new guidance says.

Nursing Standard

Nurse flu jab drive underway

The annual drive urging nurses and other healthcare staff to have their free flu vaccination...

Nursing Standard

Discussing organ donation with relatives ‘best left to specialists’

Only specialist nurses and lead doctors should speak to distressed families about the...

do not
Nursing Standard

More awareness needed on end of life rights, says charity

Few people have a legally-binding document to refuse life-sustaining care or to have a...

end of life
Nursing Standard

Stop 'disinvestment' in nursing to improve end of life care

An RCN seminar on end of life issues heard how action was needed to end ‘disinvestment’ in...

Deprivation of liberty
Nursing Standard

Sharp rise in deprivation of liberty safeguard applications, latest figures reveal

More than 75,000 people in England were deprived of their liberty from April 2015 to March 2016 amid a sharp rise in safeguarding applications.

Nursing Standard

Swimming nurse raises money for the homeless

A college nurse recently swam a mile around London’s Serpentine Lake to raise money for...

Learning Disability Practice

Questions over rights of disabled people following Brexit

Concerns about the rights of disabled people in the wake of Brexit have been outlined in a...

e roster
Nursing Management

New e-rostering system for nurses launches today

A new e-rostering system for nurses and all healthcare staff launches today.

Hospital discharge
Nursing Standard

'Political maladministration' to blame for high level of unsafe hospital discharges

NHS staff must always ensure patients take priority over organisational pressures, a report into unsafe hospital discharges demands.

Cancer patient
Nursing Standard

Carers of patients with cancer highly rate nursing support

Almost half of carers surveyed praised nurses’ help.

nursing an elderly couple
Nursing Standard

New dementia strategy for nurses

Nurses caring for those with dementia are urged to fit the care they provide to the...

Health of the public
Nursing Standard

Radical changes needed to tackle public health, say academics

Nurses and healthcare professionals must collaborate with those outside of their traditional...

NHS staff demo
Nursing Standard

Concern over NHS nurse contracts as BMA calls off doctors’ strikes

Will government move to impose new contracts on nurses in the NHS?

campaign website
Nursing Standard

Union invites public to thank nurses for the job they do

Unison aims to highlight work of nurses and other public servants ahead of government spending statement

Whistleblower helpline
Nursing Standard

Northern Ireland regulator calls for NHS staff whistleblowing helpline

The RCN in Northern Ireland has welcomed calls for a confidential helpline to be set up for nurses and other health and social care staff to raise concerns.

End of life service
Nursing Standard

Nurse-led end of life service cuts admissions

Review finds London care coordination centre could save the NHS £350,000 a year, but needs more nurses to cope with demand

sad girl
Nursing Standard

Efforts to tackle FGM hampered by cuts to school nursing

Cuts to school nursing numbers and workforce pressures are hampering efforts to eradicate...