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Nursing Standard

Redrawing boundaries: how cardiology nurses are embracing what used to be doctors’ roles

Specialist nurses are expanding their professional scope by gaining advanced skills

Nursing Standard

How to give the best continence care when a person is at the end of life

Advice on promoting patients’ dignity while managing their continence needs

Nursing Standard

Can bodycams really protect nurses from sexual assault and aggression at work?

Advocates of surveillance say it modifies behaviour, but opponents worry it damages trust

A male nurse chats and jokes with a boy who is in bed in a paediatric assessment unit
Nursing Children and Young People

Why are there so few men in children’s nursing?

Recruitment is hindered by poor understanding of the role and negative stereotypes

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Tick-borne encephalitis virus: what you need to know as summer approaches

A handful of cases of this potentially fatal new infection have been detected in the UK

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Drug administration for students: what is the BNF and how do I use it?

Tips on how to access it and build your confidence to administer drugs safely

Illustration with a green background showing a nurse in uniform holding an oversized red pencil, standing on steps drawn in white pencil outline – indicating nurses stepping up to take on responsibilities beyond the scope of their roles
Nursing Standard

Working beyond the scope of your role: how to push back and ensure safe practice

Steps to take to protect yourself and patients if assigned work outside your competency

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Second jobs: the nurses forced to take on extra work to make ends meet

Some are taking shifts just to cover living costs, but how does this affect staff well-being?

UK money
Nursing Standard

What does it cost to be a nurse where you live?

Childcare, housing and food costs are outpacing nursing salaries – and pricing-out some staff

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First patient handover: what to expect and how to ensure it’s as effective as possible

Learning what works in handover can be daunting, but getting it right is key to safe care

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Nursing associates: NHS success story or a staffing stop-gap?

The number in post is near 8,000, but despite this progress many still have concerns

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Exit interviews: useful retention tool or meaningless tick-box exercise?

What makes for a good exit interview and how they can inform retention strategies

Illustration shows SEPSIS spelt out in wooden cubes: The UK Sepsis Trust and Marie Cure's latest version of the Sepsis Six tool helps nurses in the community to assess risk to patients and guide decision making
Cancer Nursing Practice

All you need to know about the end of life community sepsis tool

Latest version of the Sepsis Six tool helps assess risk and guide decision making

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On the verge of burnout? 7 signs to look for and how to cope

Positive steps nurses can take to help reduce risk and enhance your work-life balance

Nursing Standard

Well-chosen words: how what you say makes a difference to outcomes

Tips for more powerful, productive and empathetic conversations with patients

Nursing Standard

Moving and handling patients safely: how to avoid pain and injury

Helping patients move is part of nursing, but injury rates are high. Tips for reducing risk

Sharps injuries can be seen as part of the job in nursing, despite their risk to safety and the mental well-being of staff
Nursing Standard

Sharps injuries: if they’re preventable, why do they keep happening?

Tips on what to do to reduce risk, and steps to take if an accident happens

Emergency Nurse

How nurses can improve handovers between ambulances and emergency departments

Handovers can be highly pressured, but there are tools and techniques that can help