Erin Dean

An ambulance nurse wearing a high visibility jacket talks to a patient who is holding an oxygen mask to his face

Ambulance nurses: what does this emergency first responder role involve?

What it takes to work alongside paramedics taking potentially life-saving decisions

Community nurse arrives at man’s front door. The two greet each other, suggesting a they share a warm bond

Bonding with long-term patients: promoting continuity of care within healthy boundaries

Tips on fostering ongoing therapeutic relationships while avoiding undue attachment

A nurse with a line halfway through her face and body with one side showing her as an adult nurse and the other side as a children’s nurse

Could a dual adult and child nursing degree boost my career prospects?

Combining the two helps develop a broad skill set that will impress potential employers

An illustration of a group of nurses of different ages standing together inside a big speech bubble

How can nursing teams improve communication between generations?

Five nurses on the learning opportunities in teams with different levels of experience

A medic examines a patient lying in a hospital bed

Why nurses must support patients' right to a second opinion

We talk to the lead nurse of a service for raising concerns about patient care

Red flags for patient safety: are unsafe practices in danger of being normalised?

The staffing crisis is eroding care standards from primary care to critical care

Negligence complaints: your potential role in the NHS Resolution process

What to expect from mediation, plus tips on how to prepare to give evidence

Effective communication: how to talk to patients about pain

The right questions and a non-judgemental approach can help you manage pain better

A nurse standing at the hospital bedside of a young child is watched by the child as she holds a file on which she is filling out a paediatric early warning system chart

How the new paediatric early warning system works and what it means for you

The system offers a standardised approach to responding when a child becomes seriously unwell

Student hardship funds: what am I entitled to and how can I apply?

The support available if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet

Protect your well-being: how to stay calm when the world feels chaotic

Ways to maintain your focus and balance in the face of relentless grim news


Bedbugs: identifying an infestation and what to advise patients

How to recognise and treat the bites and reduce your risk of bedbug exposure at work

Can a new training programme help fix the learning disability nurse shortage?

An innovative approach used in Plymouth could help pave the way to attracting new recruits

What does a gender identity nurse specialist do – and could it be your next career move?

Find out about the role, the career development opportunities and the skills required

Meet the nurses eliminating race-based inequalities in healthcare services

Nurses discuss how they challenge bias – find out about promoting diversity at Nursing Live

Why nursing is undervalued – and how to challenge perceptions

Flawed perceptions of the profession are common. Find out how to articulate its value

Urgent response in the community: could this be your next career move?

Community response teams need nurses who want to lead and practise autonomously

De-escalation techniques: 7 tips for handling conflict situations

Tension occurs in every setting – these skills can help you manage it and stay calm