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Cancer Nursing Practice

Reducing psychiatric symptoms in patients with a writing programme

Writing intervention group bid to reduce psychiatric symptoms in patients undergoing cancer diagnosis

Cancer Nursing Practice

Handgrip exercise may help assess cancer-related fatigue

Pilot study looks at handgrip fatiguing exercises as a subjective assessment

Nursing Older People

Why we should mark World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day

Older people’s nurses can play their part in raising awareness of pressure ulcer prevention

Digital rectal examination
Cancer Nursing Practice

Abnormal digital rectal examinations require urgent investigation for cancer, but the test has flaws, research says

Digital rectal examinations may not be an accurate diagnostic tool for cancer in primary care

Cancer Nursing Practice

Professionals underestimate patients' pain, suggests comprehensive review

Healthcare professionals should take heed of patients' self-assessment of pain, researchers recommend

Cancer Nursing Practice

Assessing dyspnoea to make people more comfortable at the end of life

Study looks at improving end of life care through the use of a dyspnoea assessment tool

Colorectal cancer
Cancer Nursing Practice

Study finds high levels of anxiety and depression among survivors of colorectal cancer

Dutch and UK researchers measure quality of life for people ten years after initial diagnosis

Cancer Nursing Practice

High-fibre diet reduces risk of breast cancer by 25%, research suggests

US study examined food intake of more than 2,000 women living with and beyond breast cancer

Digital rectal examination
Cancer Nursing Practice

Prostate cancer screening: a systematic review of digital rectal examinations in primary care settings

Canadian and UK researchers evaluate data from seven studies to review the diagnostic accuracy of digital rectal examinations

Medical cannabis
Cancer Nursing Practice

Opioids: study suggests improving the debilitating effects of cancer treatments with medicinal cannabis

Exploring the use and efficacy of medicinal cannabis as a safe treatment option for people who are undergoing palliative care

Cancer Nursing Practice

Teaching children to be sun smart: an American study

An evaluation of interventions by the Nevada Cancer Coalition's Sun Smart Schools project to encourage sun safety

Cancer Nursing Practice

Healthcare practitioners should provide more advice about palliative care, study finds

Researchers in Belgium carried out a cross-sectional study regarding the amount of information and advice given to cancer patients using palliative care.

Cancer Nursing Practice

Using online surveys to analyse patients' treatment preferences

Study looks to understand the preferences of patients with multiple myeloma regarding the benefits and risks of cancer treatment.

Cancer Nursing Practice

Deprivation a main indicator of the likelihood of death in colon cancer patients

Findings suggest screening programmes to target poorer populations to enable earlier diagnosis would be advantageous

Cancer Nursing Practice

Precursor state to bone marrow cancer more prevalent in African-American population

A condition that can lead to a type of bone marrow cancer is more likely to have an earlier age of onset in African Americans, a study finds

second opinion
Cancer Nursing Practice

Cancer patients seeking second opinion due to 'lack of trust'

Review suggests more than one in four self-referral cases driven by 'negative motivations'

Cancer Nursing Practice

Norwegian study finds many clinical oncologists do not correctly identify patient frailty

Clinicians' assessments could miss non-cancer related factors that affect prognosis

Cancer Nursing Practice

The risk factors associated with hospital renovations

Study looks at infection increase in patients with haematological malignancies cared for in hospitals undergoing building work.