Dawne Garrett

How our youth-obsessed culture affects attitudes to ageing skin

Nurses can help to promote a more positive approach to skincare in older people

Get moving: take on the challenge of patient mobility

Nurses can help educate patients on how to prevent deconditioning due to bed rest and immobility


Practice question: music in care homes

How can I set up a musical group for residents in my care home?


Singing, music and dance in Parkinson’s disease

Three research articles of interest to nurses of older people

Dawne Garrett

We need to talk about hospital discharge failures

Nurses must speak up for older people who have bad experiences of hospital discharge, says the RCN's professional lead for care of older people

Incontinence and sexuality in later life

This article explores the interrelated aspects of incontinence and sexuality in older age. It describes the physiological changes that may have an effect on sexual function and the genitourinary system as people age. The enduring importance of sexual intimacy is discussed. Treatments for incontinence and to improve sexual function are explored. The authors conclude that nurses, particularly those involved in continence management, have a role in ensuring sensitive assessment and access to treatment, which can support many older people to maintain fulfilling sexual activity.