Anne Horner

Cliff Evans
Emergency Nurse

My job: consultant nurse Cliff Evans

Consultant nurse Cliff Evans on why you need 'true grit' to work in an emergency...

Nursing Children and Young People

Millions to be affected by expected rise in pollen count

Back to school misery could be compounded for schoolchildren in future as numbers suffering...

teenagers developing diabetes
Nursing Children and Young People

Greater risks of teenagers developing diabetes from weight gain during puberty

Teenagers’ tendency to put on weight at puberty has been linked to a sudden drop in the...

Cliff Kilgore
Nursing Older People

Why all healthcare professionals should be trained in older people's care

Cliff Kilgore, recently elected chair of the British Geriatrics Society Nurses and Allied...

Female surgeons at work
Nursing Standard

Why female junior doctors don’t want to be surgeons

Women are put off specialising in surgery because of concerns for a work-life balance.

Emma Sweeney
Cancer Nursing Practice

UKONS' new president elect

Emma Sweeney 'excited' by new role

Nursing Standard

Call for guidance for women choosing C-sections

A study calls for women to be given more information as numbers choosing caesareans for non-medical reasons rise

Butterfly sticker
Nursing Children and Young People

Butterfly logo may prevent needless distress for families

Stickers can be placed in neonatal unit cots to alert nurses to the death of a baby

Articles on emergency departments in other journals
Emergency Nurse

Read articles on emergency care from other journals

Articles on emergency departments from other journals

A profile of frequent users of emergency departments
Emergency Nurse

Profiling frequent ED attendees

A profile of frequent users of emergency departments

Improved understanding of clinical trials would make research in EDs more acceptable
Emergency Nurse

Patients need to be better informed about emergency trials

Better communication and improved understanding would make research in EDs more acceptable

Diabetes check
Nursing Children and Young People

Children’s diabetes testing falls short

Three quarters of children with diabetes in England and Wales did not have the recommended...