Amanda Burston

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How resuscitation training can ease the transition from student to newly qualified nurse

Staffordshire University’s free courses offer a way to keep in touch with former students


Practice related feedback: How reducing anxiety for a patient and their family was...

Amanda (Mandie) Burston, assistant resuscitation officer at Royal Stoke University Hospital, found a patient’s feedback highlighted the importance of supporting communication with family and friends

The good, the bad and the ugly of 2017

Nurses need to be applauded for their efforts throughout the year, writes Amanda Burston.


Amanda Burston: We all have a role to play in ending domestic abuse

As the RCN reaffirms its commitment to helping nurses tackle domestic abuse, former RCNi Nurse of the Year Amanda Burston outlines why all health professionals need to work together to end it.

Book review: Counselling and Psychotherapy a­fter Domestic Violence: A Client View of...

Resuscitation officer, Amanda Burston reviews Counselling and Psychotherapy a­fter Domestic Violence: A Client View of What Helps Recovery


Boards Eye View

Understanding the reality behind the media portrayals of emergency department pressures


Nurse Awards will ‘open door after door’

Nurse of the Year 2015 Amanda Burston explains the benefits of entering the Nurse Awards and how to improve your chances of success.

DASH application

App review: D-A-S-H

Emergency nurse Amanda Burston reviews D-A-S-H app.

Amanda Burston

Boards eye view

Why taking matters in to your own hands is best for your health.

Bright Sky app

App review: Bright Sky

Bright Sky launches an app to help victims of domestic abuse.

Amanda Burston

Let's keep up the momentum on tackling domestic abuse

Amanda Burston issues a rallying call to nurses

Job Interview

The quality of today's nursing students is hope for the future

I feel reassured that nurse education still invigorates, says Amanda Burston

How to support domestic violence victims

Amanda Burston was named Nurse of the Year 2016 for improving care for victims of domestic...

All staff should be trained in combating domestic abuse

Former Nursing Standard nurse of the year Amanda Burston is campaiging at RCN Congress for...

Amanda Burston: winning RCNi Nurse of the Year award opens many doors

After winning the RCNi Nurse of the Year award you can highlight what you’re passionate...

All set for a challenge

The revalidation process will eventually become part of who we are as nurses, says RCN Nurse...

Counselling and Psychotherapy after Domestic Violence: A Client View of What Helps...

This book expands on information gathered from an initial research project undertaken by the...

A happy new year for victims of domestic abuse?

Amanda Burston says none of us can 'save' someone in an abusive relationship, but we can be...