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Lucy Letby trial: parents begged for newborn to be moved

Father wanted surviving triplet to go to another hospital following deaths of boy’s brothers

Picket line at St Thomas’ Hospital in London
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Anti-strikes law could breach nurses’ human rights

Bill would discriminate against nurses and cause confusion, says parliamentary panel

Nurse Lucy Letby in court artist's drawing. Nurse denies multiple charges of murder and attempted murder of babies in her care
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Lucy Letby trial: doctor recalls seeing unexplained blood and swelling in baby’s throat

Registrar made three attempts to intubate baby boy, as defence points to ‘suboptimal care’

Nurse Michelle Cox, who won a ‘landmark’ tribunal that found she was treated unfairly by her employer due to her race
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NHS England apologises to black nurse and praises her courage

‘Landmark’ tribunal found Michelle Cox was treated unfairly by her employer due to her race

Striking NHS workers with Unison banner
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New pay offer for nurses looks imminent

Health unions call off strikes, agree to talks after government confirms new money available

Smiling woman holds baby’s feet as she gazes at the infant – IFS research found female nurses in more male teams take less maternity leave, and career progression slows after motherhood
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Post-baby nursing careers: the gap between the impact of motherhood and fatherhood

While women’s careers stall, male nurses can enjoy faster promotion than childless peers

Nurse Rohit Sagoo smiles at the TV camera during filming of special nursing edition of Antiques Roadshow
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Nursing gets the Antiques Roadshow treatment – and one nurse gets his ‘pinch me’ moment

Award winner reflects on showcasing the profession for BBC1 show’s special episode

Photo of Jill Kirk and Karen Colbeck-Rowe consoling each other after a gruelling 12-hour shift on a COVID critical care unit
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UK COVID-19 Inquiry wants ‘overlooked’ nurses to share their experiences

Give your views while nurse leaders highlight inadequate protection for community nurses

Nurses holding placards on a picket line outside Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool
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Who decides what nurses are paid in the UK

Spelling out how things stand on nurses’ pay for the current year as well as 2023-24

RCN members hold placards as they stage picket near Cardiff University Hospital during pay strike in December 2022
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Strikes back in prospect as union roundly rejects new pay offer and issues ultimatum

Extra offer for staff in Wales’ NHS wouldn’t make up for years of ‘being undervalued’

MP Sir Christopher Chope told Commons nurses should pay money back for their training if they leave the NHS
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Ask nurses to reimburse the state? But the NHS is already running on our goodwill

Scathing reactions to MP’s idea nurses outside NHS should ‘pay their dues’ to the public

Nurse Alexander Vukelic faces a 225-mile commute across the Irish Sea to Scotland despite mounting local vacancies
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Nurse faces 225-mile commute despite mounting local vacancies

Northern Ireland trusts have acknowledged delays to recruitment process

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Nurses should ‘pay back their dues’ if they don’t work in NHS, says MP

Sir Christopher Chope says training is at great public expense, despite students paying fees

Nurse Michelle Cox, who won a tribunal case against NHS England on the grounds of discrimination
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Discrimination at work: black nurse wins ‘landmark’ tribunal case

Judgement finds against NHS England after Michelle Cox experienced racism from her team

Striking nurses outside the Christie Hospital in Manchester in February 2023
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Nurses shouldn’t get more than 3.5% pay rise from April, ministers tell NHS pay review

Stance branded a ‘sick joke’ as union and government meet to break 2022-23 pay stalemate

Photo of nurse Lucy Letby, she told police harmful insulin dose ‘was not done by me’
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Lucy Letby told police officers that harmful insulin dose ‘was not done by me’

Nurse denied deliberate sabotage by dosing Child L with unprescribed insulin

Kangaroo crossing road in Western Australia
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Would you quit your NHS job and move to sunny Western Australia?

Aussies aim to lure UK nurses as RCN strikes over pay and working conditions ramp up

RCN Scotland members campaigning for fair pay and safe staffing outside the Scottish Parliament in October 2022
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Scotland NHS pay boost makes nurses ‘best paid in UK’

Unison welcomes pay offer but demands similar progress in other UK countries