RCNi Revalidation Portfolio - Frequently Asked Questions

I want to change my email address:
Please contact Customer Services to change this by sending an email to customerservice@rcni.com or calling 02920546450.

My NMC registration date or number is wrong:
Please contact Customer Services to change this by sending an email to customerservice@rcni.com or calling 02920546450.

What if I don’t know / can’t find my registration date?
You will need to obtain your registration date from the NMC prior to creating your Portfolio to ensure all the timings, email prompts, and reminders are sent at the correct time throughout the three-year period.  

I can’t add my employer in my Portfolio:
Employment History can be added from the Revalidation details beside your account name, or from within the Practice hours section.

I have already revalidated but I can only see my old Portfolio
A new Portfolio will automatically populate when the old one reaches its end date. If you would like to start your new portfolio early, please send an email to customerservice@rcni.com or call 02920546450.

As an RCN member but not an RCNi subscriber, can I use all the learning resources and CPD quizzes?
CPD quizzes and RCNi Learning are only available with a subscription to RCNi Plus. You can trial the learning resources here: rcni.com/rcniplus/tryplus

Do I have to complete the NMC forms?
Yes. It is a mandatory requirement to use the NMC forms for some sections of the Portfolio. This is clearly marked from the section with the correct form to download. You can also find all the mandatory forms collated in a page on the header of your Portfolio, called NMC forms.

Can I access my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio on mobile?
Yes. You can access your Portfolio on all devices. You may find it easier to use desktop for some exercises, and mobile for others.

Can I download and print off my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio?
Yes. When the time comes to revalidate, you can print off your Portfolio as a PDF.

Can I upload and save documents in my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio?
Yes. There is a certificate section, and a document section. These can be used for any documents, not just revalidation related.

How do I develop my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio?
We have a comprehensive guide to using the Portfolio, which is accessed from a link saying ‘Guide’ on the top of your Portfolio.  

I’m a Nursing Support Worker. Can I use the RCNi Revalidation Portfolio?
The RCNi Revalidation Portfolio is a tool for revalidating nurses. The RCN is planning to develop a space for NSWs early in 2024.  

Can I keep and use my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio throughout my career, without losing anything?
Yes. You will still be able to access previous portfolios as a new three-year cycle starts. You can also download your Portfolio to a PDF document.   

Can I use the RCNi Revalidation Portfolio for annual appraisals?
Yes. Your content is confidential and you can use it for your professional development.  

Will the RCN, RCNi, or RCN Group submit my completed RCNi Revalidation Portfolio for me to the NMC when it’s my time to revalidate?
No. You are solely responsible for the content, completion, download, and submission of your revalidation evidence to the NMC.

If my access lapses, what happens to all my documents and evidence in my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio?
Your data will be retained for 60 days, after which you will no longer have access to the RCNi revalidation Portfolio content. If your access is resumed or reinstated then your data will be made available.  

What can I access

Subscribers to RCNi Plus have access to additional resources to help with CPD and revalidation including RCNi Learning. The table below outlines the differences between portfolio access for RCN Members, and portfolio access for RCNi Plus subscribers.

Benefit RCN member RCNi Plus subscriber
Complete and store your revalidation or appraisal evidence in one place
Download your portfolio in a professionally designed report that can be easily printed
Helpful reminders to alert you to important revalidation milestones  
Access to RCNi Learning’s 170+ CPD learning modules  
Access to over 400 quick and interactive CPD quizzes  
Digital access to over 10 nursing journals including flagship title Nursing Standard  
Choose topics and Journals of interest to create your personalised RCNi Plus dashboard  

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